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Dook Forgets Impending Sweep of Basketball Season

On Saturday, the Battle for the Victory Bell between UNC and Dook continued, and the Dookies were able to return the Victory Bell back down the road for another year. If Dook thinks the war is over, however, they’re wrong.

“Tar Holes suck, as usual. We’ve got the Victory Bell and we’re going to sweep the basketball series,” said Amy Blue, a Duke senior“Might as well break out the brooms now, because their pretty much trash.”


“Royal blue prevails again,” said Duke Coach Pat Cheatington. “I mean, who likes Carolina blue anyway, you can’t even find it in the stores.”

While Dook seems to be on cloud nine, Carolina students and fans aren’t letting this get them down.

“So Dook gets the Victory Bell for another year, big whoop” exclaimed UNC sophomore Kent Snider. “Last I checked, we’re 61-39-4 in the last 104 football games, so is this even a rivalry or have we just felt been going easy on them lately?”

 “Let’s not forget the fact that we had 19 players injured, six of which were starters,” said UNC fan Tim Winslow. “Only losers can take pride in beating a team that’s decimated by injury, but hey, if that helps you Dookies sleep at night…”

While a loss is a loss and Dookies now have an overinflated ego, Tar Heels can take pride in the fact that they are still NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in basketball, will most likely beat Dook in every other sport and can’t wait to shut up those Dookies about their forever-underachieving basketball team.


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