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10 Date Ideas That Are All Just Going to the Coker Arboretum

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it can be hard to find the perfect Chapel Hill spot to take your date. Here are some ideas that are all just the Coker Arboretum!

10.) The Arboretum:

Many students underuse the beautiful Coker Arboretum, which is not only a great reading spot but could be the setting for a romantic evening for you and your––sorry, what are you two again? I know you’ve been on like a few dates but is it like, a thing? Sorry, sorry you don’t have to answer that. Anyway this wooden archway would be great spot for a romantic walk!

9.) Go to the Arboretum!

Another great place to spend Valentine’s Day is the Coker Arboretum, located right off Cameron Avenue. Start by leading your lovely date through this gate and then you can talk about maybe defining the relationship? Does it seem to be getting serious? Or is it just sort of like “we text sorta regularly and we went to Tru after class the other day” kinda thing? It’s so hard to define these things in college and it’s important to have open communication with new partner–you know what, never mind. It doesn’t matter! Enter through this hand-crafted gate and spend your evening avoiding conflict and staring at the stars above!

8.) Take Your Date to the Arboretum:

Dating in college is all about having fun and changing it up. What better way than to spend your Valentine’s in the Coker Arboretum. The wooded area is known for its beautiful foliage––it’s just, if you two aren’t exclusive, maybe you and I could…? Like I mean just like a date or something, just to try it out? It’s not like you’re locked down.

7.) UNC’s Arboretum:

The Coker Arboretum has beautiful romantic water features and I’m not trying to be weird I just noticed you kind of lingered when you walked me back to my house the other night. Like I know you were just being nice, but there’s no way I imagined the vibes I felt.  

6.) Have You Been to the Arboretum?:

Love is in the air! Take your date to the Coker Arboretum and sit on this bench. I didn’t mean to make it weird, okay? I just feel like we’ve both been feeling this for a while and it’d be weird to just ignore it.

5.) What About This Part of the Arboretum?:

Cupid is calling! Spend your February 14 walking down this beautiful path in the Coker Arboretum, and maybe just take a second to realize that it took a lot for me to be up front like that? Like you don’t have to say yes but don’t be a jerk, geez.

4.) Dat Good Ol’ Arb:

You could sit on this thing I guess since you’re just SO IN LOVE apparently.


3.) Arb Arb Arbity Arboretum:

I’m not being weird!

2.) Arbadeus:

No really, it’s fine, I’m fine. I’ll see you at Zoe’s on Friday.

1.) Grass!!:

Honestly it’s kind of a weird time of year to go to the Arboretum. All the flowers are dead.

Do what you want for Valentine’s Day. Incidentally, I’ll be sitting in Wendy’s from 12-8.

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