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8 Mistakes All UNC Freshmen Make

You’re finally a North Carolina student, and sure, you’re finally a North Carolina student, so  you think you know it all, right? Not true. There are some mistakes that you will make in your first-year at Carolina. Here are eight of them.

 8.) Going to Lenoir around noon:
If you’re in a hurry, have somewhere to be, or don’t like crowds, then, basically, do not go to Lenoir around noon. Or, okay, don’t listen and enjoy waiting in a huge line for Top of Lenoir and Lenoir Mainstreet. In this situation, Ram’s Head is your best option.

7.) Trusting the bus app:
Odds are, trusting the bus app will have you sprinting to the next bus stop. If you have a friend who is bad with time, do yourself a favor and replace them with the bus app. No need to have two friends that are bad with time, right?

6.) Jumping right into your major:
“Gen-eds. are so pointless; why do we have to take them?” You’ll hear something along these lines, but gen-eds. are actually your best friend. They’re so, so easy. You’ll miss those gen- eds. once you start your major courses and you have to abandon your real friends.

5.) Getting an Unlimited Meal Plan:
An unlimited meal plan? What a great idea! Well, it was when you signed up for it, but then you discovered all of the places to eat on Franklin Street and the beauty of delivery. Having to leave your bed for all of ten minutes to meet the delivery driver is better than walking another 1000 feet to a dining hall.

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4.) Going to the gym between 3p.m. and 8p.m.:
You could go during prime hours when everyone is in the gym, but who wants to be in the gym all day waiting to use a specific machine? Or even worse, what if you have to go after the really sweaty person that didn’t wipe off the equipment when they were done? Morning workouts, lunchtime workouts or late night workouts will be the key to avoiding these issues.

3.) Not going to office hours:
UNC professors may seem like foreign beings, especially when you’re in class with them, but they’re just people. You never know, you might even get a free lunch from that math professor that no one visits. And, you know, you’ve seen those movies when office hours become office hours.

2.) Overcommitting yourself:
Fall Fest was great, right? Everybody gave you free stuff so you’d sign up for their clubs and soon they’ll be flooding your email about meetings and events. You’ll feel obligated to go to everything they email you about; just avoid being that person that has to be in multiple places at once, freaks out, and becomes unable to make it to any of the places they said they’d be.

1.) Fearing Upperclassmen:
UNC upperclassmen are different from you; they’re at a point where they are trying to figure what’s happening after college, without much time to do so. Don’t be afraid to talk to them though, you’re going to need someone to buy you beer, right?


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