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The Reason Behind Last Night’s Texas A&M Upset

Not that anyone wants to be reminded, but 86-65. The ball to the basket, UNC could not drive. Seeded 7 versus 2, it seemed there was nothing Berry and Pinson could do. Fans are devastated and confused, but The Black Sheep has an explanation as to why this has occurred.

Ted Cruz is manipulating and shifting the NCAA paradigm with unprecedented, supernatural sorcery, and is clearly and overtly against UNC’s favor.

First, take a look at Cruz’s 2018 bracket.

Now, what is that peculiar prediction down in the bottom left?

Exactly. Cruz predicted A&M’s win over UNC. He may have wrongly predicted Houston’s victory against Michigan, but it sure was close. Too close.

He might be senator to the state of Texas, but there is something much more sinister behind these bracket choices. Now, look again look at who Cruz has winning the national championship.

This is very problematic, indeed. Sure, Cruz has wrongly predicted multiple games including the UMBC win over UVa, whom he had in the final 2, but that’s unimportant.

What is important are the facts. And here is what his father has said of Cruz. According to a quote from the Alternet, Cruz’s father has described Cruz as part of the “kings” who will take  over “all sectors of society.”

He describes a  “great transfer of wealth” where Cruz will “bring the spoils of war to the priests.”

What this means — Cruz is some godlike figure that forced UNC’s spot in the Sweet Sixteen away because the maniac couldn’t keep his sorcery to himself.

Here’s Cruz and his father. His father is clearly suspicious of the capabilities of his son, and senses the NCAA bracket bust that would take away happiness for UNC fans.

“How could a son of a priest support a team full of devils?” his father wonders. “And why are those devils blue?” he wonders some more.

All love and support needs to go towards Syracuse in order to take away Duke’s chance at advancing to the Elite Eight and fight the atrocity that is the possibility of Duke taking the national title.

And Ted, Grayson Allen is not your son. You do not need to disrupt the natural balance of things to protect him and his stupid team. Next year, you better not pull this shit.

Since it’s all a scam, forget last night’s numbers. However, never forget these numbers.

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