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Top 10 Chapel Hill Drunk Eats For Those Nights On Your Heels

By now you’ve been at Carolina long enough to realize that your meal plan does you no good after the clock strikes drunknight. That can be troublesome on those weekend nights when you’ve had a few…dozen, but don’t worry, Franklin Street has you covered.


10.) Sup Dogs:

Ever wanted to order a burger combo and get a hot dog with it? Sup Dogs allows you to do just that, and only for $1 extra. Let’s not forget about mug night, every Monday. Remember that protein powder you bought and haven’t touched since the first week of classes? Empty the container and get it filled with beer. The hangover in class the next Tuesday will be worth it, sometimes you just need to drink a gallon of beer from your teapot after a rough Monday.


9.) Four Corners:

Going out drinking and need food, but on a budget? We’ve all had that moment where it’s more important to buy alcohol than food, and that’s okay. Four Corners helps make your decision easier with their half-off menu after 10 p.m. with the purchase of a drink other than water.


8.) Pantana Bob’s and Sutton’s Food Truck:

You’ve been waiting all week for this. Well, not really, but odds are you’ve been waiting all week for this party that you’re about to get hammered at, and you’ll need food after. You’ve been to Sutton’s sober, so imagine how much better their food taste at 3 a.m. when you’re trying to sober up enough to get home.

7.) Buns:

So it’s a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, you’re drunk and you’re leaving the party without getting any buns. Buns has your back. A nice greasy burger and a basket full of fries will take your mind off of those buns that you didn’t get at that frat party.


6.) Benny Cappella’s:

Had a long night of drinking and need something to soak up some of the alcohol? Benny Cappella’s has your back. Your body will thank you for your decision to drop in a big, greasy slice of pizza on top of the alcohol you consumed prior to it.


5.) Linda’s Bar & Grill:


You’re drunk again and in need of a new best friend because your current one has failed to keep you away from the alcohol. You’re in luck because Linda’s has a menu section called “Drunchies” just for you. While it may not help you stay away from alcohol or that person that shall not be named, it will help you recover and forget about them. Well for a little bit, anyway.


4.) Cosmic Cantina:

Oh, what a night to remember. Well, you may not remember it, but now you’re craving Chipotle, it’s closed, and you still want Mexican food. Swing on by Cosmic Cantina, you’ll discover in the morning when you check Snapchat that you actually had Chipotle before going out and just can’t remember it. But it’s fine.


3.) Timeout:

You’ve heard of the chicken cheddar biscuit but it never appealed to you as much as it does now that you’ve just left a pregame. You can order your biscuit and have it in five minutes and be off to the party where you will continue to drink, not that you’ll be thinking about that biscuit when your friends convince you to do a keg stand.  


2.) BSKI’S:

So you’ve decided to eat healthier food but you continually find yourself pouring alcohol into your body. You may be a little confused, but it’s okay, BSKI’S has your back as they offer a variety of healthy wraps that will help you soak up the alcohol.


1.) Waffle House:

It’s 4 a.m. and you find yourself stumbling down Franklin Street wondering where you can get food. Most places are shut down for the night but you can always count on Waffle House. They’re much more reliable than that friend that you were counting on to get you home.


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