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After Two Months of Looking Forward to Fall Break, UNC Students Unsure of How to Handle it Actually Arriving

Fall is in the air, and with it comes the tantalizing scent of UNC’s long-awaited first four-day weekend of the year. Tar Heel voices everywhere are rejoicing in the upcoming days of rest that Fall Break will afford them.


“I’m over the moon,” gushed sophomore Taylor Johnson, “I’ve been counting down to October 18th  since classes started. Thank God that it’s finally here; I’m almost out of room for notches on my headboard.”


When asked what she had in store for her extra free time, Johnson was at a loss for words.


“I haven’t really thought about it,” she admitted, “I…uh…maybe I’ll build a new headboard so that I can get started on my Thanksgiving Break notches. And I’m staying with my parents, so I bet I’ll eat some great food too. God, I miss my Mom.”

Freshman Bruce Gardner expressed a similar excitement for the chance to return home.


“I’m worried that my dog, Waffles, won’t remember me,” Gardner explains, “It’s been almost ten weeks since I last saw him, and I just… He’s old,” Gardner adds tearfully, “I want him to know that I haven’t abandoned him.”


Other than reuniting with Waffles, Gardner hasn’t formed any goals for his short vacation from school.


“My friends keep telling me that I need to watch Game of Thrones, so maybe I’ll do that,” he ponders, “Yeah, the whole series! What? I have four days!”


Students should feel encouraged to live their breaks to the fullest, but to keep their limited time off in mind. While many Tar Heels may be anticipating the long weekend with a fervor, senior Amanda Hill offers some sage advice.


“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” warns Hill, “Fall Break flies by. I remember last year, I got back to my apartment after my last class Wednesday night, and thought I would take a short nap before going out with my friends to celebrate. When I woke up, it was already Monday morning, and I was already running late for my 8 a.m.”


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