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UNC Class Of 2022 Contemplate Perfect Instagram Post for Declaring Their Decision

Last Friday, UNC prospectives who applied early action were either met with a newfound love for wolves, or a chance to post another acceptance on Instagram. But as the students have had time to reflect and commit, a barrage of nearly identical smiling photos, captioned with “I am excited to announce my decision…” have emerged on Instagram.

High school senior Alana Ennuye decided to post a picture of herself posed in front of the Old Well as way to inform her followers.

“The Old Well is just a classic,” Ennuye noted, “I feel like it really represents the intellect and superiority I have over all the other seniors at my school who didn’t get in.”

She claims that committing to UNC is like fulfilling her destiny, since she was born during a huge basketball win against Duke. Though her Instagram account — missmanleyplatek2000 — indicates her birthday is in September.

“Also,” she added, “since my uncle used to be on an intramural team here, l won’t be surprised if I’m invited to shoot some 3’s with the team on the reg.”

Michael Fennywane previously posted a screenshot of his admission letter on Friday, but posted a follow-up Instagram yesterday, posing with the infamous “He’s Not Here” sign.

“I thought it was…emblematic. The sign dictates that he’s not here…but next year—” He dramatically inhaled. “I will be here.”

He expressed his excitement to take GDT baths over at the Old Well.

“Apparently it’s supposed to make you have a Ford Pinto, or something. Which I don’t know how to drive, but it’s still exciting.”

Emily Highkins spent six hours at UNC on Saturday, forcing her younger brother to capture the perfect shot of her in the Pit.

“I finally got the perfect one. Me, staring dramatically at the camera. The whirlwind of people around me, not knowing that the future greatest Tri Delta sister is standing among them. The only thing I don’t like about the picture is that there’s this old, bearded man in the background whose “STOP SINNING” sign blocks out some of the Carolina blue sky.”

Highkins says that she will be captioning her Instagram, set to go out tonight, as “unc isn’t ready???” and will follow up with a Facebook post where she personally thanks Carol Folt for her careful consideration

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