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What Your UNC Freshman Dorm Says About Your Worth as a Human

Here at UNC there are a number of dorms to live in as a first year. Unfortunately, you’re really just picking which poison you’re about to throw down your too-young throat.  Some students prefer to make the incredibly long walk across south campus on a regular basis, while others love to surround themselves with people all obsessed with Greek Life in Granville. If you want to know how the choice you made reflects on you, have no fear. Boy, do we have a list for you.

5.) Ehringhaus:

If you live in Ehringhaus you value a luxurious lifestyle. Just look at the name, it screams money. It has its own soccer field and it gorgeously overlooks the baseball field. However, Ehaus is really just a washed-up Granville trying to live in the glory days of college. It’s kind of like that 40-year-old dad that still wears Sperry’s and absolutely loves going to his son’s frat tailgates on game days even though he doesn’t know anyone there. 

4.) Craige:

A lot of UNC students call it Crusty Craige, and for good reason. The location only benefits business majors and the rooms are small, especially considering that humans are actually meant to live in them. It has a sand volleyball court, which could be cool, but there have been sweet whispers that the Quad flagpole smokers pick up shop at dusk and travel there to smoke some more before bedtime. Oftentimes living in Craige will actually decrease your hygiene and force you to always have a messy room because of how Crusty it is. 

3.) Horton:

If you’re interested in making no friends freshman year look no further; this is the dorm for you. Everyone in this dorm is in the honors program, and therefore loves academics, with no time for childish activities like talking to people. The best part about Horton is when you accidentally make eye contact with someone for a brief moment, but then absolutely nothing comes of it and you never see that person again. Magic in the air. If you can’t find a quieter place to study than Davis or the UL, then just go to Horton to study.

2.) Granville Towers:

Sometimes it can even be a hassle to get into your own room because there will be a couple guys standing outside your door asking you who you know here.  If you aren’t strongly considering doing Greek life, you better get out right now. Even if you do want to go Greek, Granville tower is pretty nice—you’ll definitely be spoiling yourself considering your frat house living options the next year.

1.) HoJo:

If you’re looking to make a crap-ton of friends in a closely-confined area, this is the move. Hojo is a massive-looking Crusty Craige, but without all the negatives of being crusty. One of the only negatives is the elevators break all. The. Time. So, you better love running stairs because HoJo will be your main source of exercise freshman year. Living in Hojo will literally force you to have too many friends to the point where you fail all of your classes spending time with them instead of studying.

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