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UNC Senior Sells Soul for First Duke Tickets

Tonight is a UNC student’s Christmas: a basketball game with DOOK. Tar Heels can watch the game on TV, but it doesn’t compare to watching it live from the Dean Dome. Unfortunately, students need a miracle to get tickets through the lottery system, which is why many students head online to see if anyone’s selling secondhand tickets. Through Facebook, students raffle tickets for tuition money, more tickets, or even odd jobs.    

One student, however, claims to have received something a little more… unusual. Sophomore Jeremy Landis claims a student gave up his soul for a UNC v. Duke basketball ticket.

“I saw a post on all of the ‘UNC Class of’ groups that just said ‘Need a basketball ticket to the Duke game. Will sell soul.’ I thought it was a prank, so I said I had a phase 3 ticket I could give him.” Much to Jeremy’s surprise, senior Max Baxter then invited him to come over to begin the ceremony.

“It was… weird. There was a Carolina Blue pentagram on the ground, and I had to cut my hand with a sacrificial knife,” says Jeremy. He shuddered as he described the ceremony. “Max kept saying these Latin phrases that I couldn’t understand, even though I took Latin last semester. I think I caught a few ’Duke sucks’ utterances, though.”

Then Jeremy pulled out a Bud Light bottle. “Anyway, I gave him the ticket, and I have his soul now!”

Inside the bottle, Jeremy showed The Black Sheep a tiny Carolina Blue soul. If one listened closely, they could hear the soul singing the Carolina Fight Song. “The guy was weird, but you can’t say he isn’t a dedicated Carolina fan! The guy literally bleeds Carolina Blue blood. Not even joking.”

When asked to comment on the exchange, all Max would say is, “It was worth it,” in a creepy, whispery voice. while stroking his ticket.

Jeremy’s response to the situation?

 “I have a lot to think about. I may be switching my major to religious studies next semester.” 


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