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UNC Students Concerned They Don’t Own Enough Carolina Blue for Basketball Season

UNC Basketball opens the season with an exhibition game facing off against Barton College on Friday, October 27th. While students are excited, many are concerned they don’t have enough apparel for the upcoming season.

“It’s almost time!” exclaimed Tom Hammock, a Carolina freshman. “I already have my Carolina basketball shirt out and ironed, but I really feel like I should wear a national championship shirt to the game. The only problem is I can’t decided between the Carolina blue one and the black one. Or maybe my ‘Tar Heel Nation’ one?”

Students are panicking, worrying that they don’t have enough Carolina blue in their closest for the games and trying to decide what jersey they should purchase.

“I only have fifteen Carolina blue shirts. That’s not going to be enough to get me through the season,” exclaimed UNC sophomore Shannon Spritz. “Wait, I don’t have a jersey either. Shit, I’m not sure if I should get the Michael Jordan jersey or a different one.”

The Dean Dome will be packed with students wearing Carolina blue, be it Carolina blue shirts, or Carolina blue spray paint.

“Should I wear a shirt or just go all-out and doing spray paint,” said Adam Ball, a Carolina sophomore“On the one hand, a shirt would be warm, but the spray paint is more likely to get me on SportsCenter.”

“This season, I’ll only be wearing jerseys to the games” stated UNC senior Sean Williams. “I don’t care if it’s 30 degrees in December, me and my Marcus Paige jersey will be in the front of the line waiting to get in.”

Students forget that any Carolina blue shirt is perfectly fine to wear to the games. 

“I just bought a Carolina sweater for the cold weather but I can’t wear that to the game,” stated Gina Smith, a UNC junior. “I need to go buy some Carolina basketball shirts today, but the only way I can pay for them is to use the emergency credit card my mom gave me. This definitely qualifies as an emergency though.”


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