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UNC Students Pray October Will Bring Respite From Sweaty Walks To Class

This September, UNC students eagerly welcomed the return of the fall season. Unfortunately, fall seemed in no rush to make its way to Chapel Hill.


“On the first official day of autumn, I was so excited,” reflects UNC student Jennifer James, “I got up early to put on my favorite scarf and flannel, and loaded my coffee up with pumpkin spice creamer. Then I stepped outside and realized it was 90 degrees. I made it to two classes in my fall outfit before passing out from heatstroke in the Pit.”


What was a cause for sadness in some sparked intense rage in others. This month, first year out-of-state student Cody Allen grew into the habit of making daily trips outside to curse the heavens.

“Did you know that in Colorado it’s 60 degrees right now?” She demanded, “This is bullshit. North Carolina is bullshit. I can’t believe I signed up for this.” Allen shook her fist at the sky one final time before retreating into her suite to escape the humidity.


“I’ve been waiting for fall pretty much since Fall Fest back in August, Tar Heel Christopher Stevens admitted, “and after a while I guess I just kind of lost hope that it would ever come.” Stevens turned to wipe a tear from his cheek before adding, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you know?”


While many students are losing their faith that autumn will ever arrive, October brings a sense of hope to the few remaining believers. On October 1st, junior John Carraway stood in the middle of the quad, his hands in his pockets and his hair ruffling in a slight breeze.


“Do you see that?” Carraway asked, holding up his phone. “It’s 65 out. The time has come.” He slipped on a light jacket and skipped away without another word.


While October ushers in the promise of a new season, Carolina students should be careful not to let themselves get carried away. Nothing is worse than wearing that nice fall outfit to your 8a.m. only for it to be 80 degrees when you leave class.

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