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UNC Students Torn Between Bad And Worse Housing Options

The housing application for the upcoming 2019-2020 year is open, and with it, UNC students are forced to begin to think about next year’s Carolina housing. Now, they’re stuck deciding between living with that roommate that leaves their sweaty gym clothes lying on the floor or the roommate from Chapel Hill whose parents stop by unannounced.

“I can’t wait to move off campus,” explained Sam Henderson, a Carolina freshman. “Living in Hojo has been a nightmare and I swear if one more person takes the elevator to the second floor, I might lose it.”

While Carolina Housing provides UNC students with a variety of options, there are many things that it provides that students would rather not have.

 “I’m so sick of my RA,” said D.J. Jam, a Carolina sophomore“My frat doesn’t party enough for my liking and every time I try to throw a rager in my room, my RA comes by and writes me up. I don’t understand why dude can’t just let me have my fun.”

While some students feel the need to move off campus, others love the convenience of on-campus living.

“Wherever I live, I need to be able to roll out of bed 10 minutes before class and still make it on time,” exclaimed UNC sophomore Cara Snider. “Moving off campus makes that impossible, but I’m not a fan of the dorms on north campus. I’m screwed either way.”

“I think I might move into my frat house; that way I’m close to campus but don’t live in a dorm” stated UNC senior Tommy Wilder. “Then again, do I really want to live in a place where there’s a bunch of dudes partying until 5a.m. every night? Shit, this is a tougher decision than picking a major.”

Not all students care whether or not they live on campus, and rather than complaining about trivial things such as sharing a bathroom, they look at things from a money-oriented view.

“Is it really cheaper to move off campus?” stated Samantha Stager, a UNC junior. “There’s rent and groceries and before I know it, there’s no Sup Dogs money left. This whole process blows.”

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