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7 Things Only UNT Students Think Are Normal

With the #UNT20 Hashtag blowing up various social media platforms, it’s easy to see that there will be an influx of fresh faces to the UNT campus in the following year. However, no amount of studying that map from orientation can prepare a person for what strange things really go on around the school; so to get you ready, we’ve gathered a few examples.

7.) Borderline Obsession With An Albino Squirrel:

It’s nothing more than what the name suggests—a squirrel whose fur just so happens to be white. Nonetheless, this little squirrel tends to make a bit of a commotion, causing large crowds to gather around him whenever he decides to make an appearance – such as this 6 minute video of him just eating a nut, which has garnered over 500 views. 


6.) Preacher Wednesdays:

This isn’t an event where the students all dress as preachers on Wednesdays, but rather how various preachers will—uninvited—show up to the campus in between the BLB and the Library Mall and begin to use microphones to shout nonsense. Most people just ignore them, but they do set up other microphones in case you need to argue with a stranger to blow off some steam. We aren’t even sure if they’re actual preachers.

5.) Guy With a Skeleton Who Gives Out Hugs:

Usually opposite the preacher, a guy (and sometimes a few other random people) sits down on a bench with a skeleton next him, wearing a sign that says “Free Hugs.” Nobody is quite sure why he is there, but if you’ve ever wanted to give a skeleton a hug, there’s your chance.

4.) “Tell Me What’s Stressing You” Guy:

Another person holding up a sign, this guy sits outside the entrance of the Union with a piece of cardboard saying he’ll listen to your problems. Some people pay a lot of money to tell their problems to complete strangers; so as the years go by and you start your descent into madness brought on by falling GPAs and hellish amounts of papers, you can at least be safe in mind knowing you can do it for free.

3.) Parkour-ers:

Around the area between the GAB and Life Sciences building, a few people can be found practicing what we can only call a “tame parkour.” In other words, you can find a group of people hopping from one half-foot wall to another, occasionally with music. They usually stay off the main sidewalks, so they won’t get in your way. If anything, they just serve as a funny spectacle.

2.) An Abundance Cats:

No, not the musical. Actual cats. Everywhere. If you’re out near dark around campus, you can see anywhere from just one to almost ten stray cats roaming around. We’ve been told this is a part of a new plan to bring more nature to the campus. Next they’ll be adding bears, so make sure to watch out for that as you go to classes next semester.

1.) The Students:

By far the quirkiest aspect of UNT has to be the students themselves. From one guy constantly having a potted plant on his head to others wearing a variety of costumes on any given day (sightings range from Spiderman to a hot dog), students here seem to be playing a constant game of ‘Who Can I Out-Weird Today.’

These aren’t the only weird things that go on around the UNT campus, but some things you have to just experience yourself. UNT is a place where being yourself is encouraged, even if that means hanging out with a skeleton or wearing costumes daily.


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