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Bill Nye Tickets Go On Sale This Week, UNT Student Does 360 Head Spin


This spring Billy Nye (the science guy) is a part of the UNT Distinguished Lecture Series. On April 6th students favorite slacking day in elementary school science class will be breathing the Denton air with all of UNT. Next Monday is the first day tickets to Bill Nye are available to students. The Distinguished Lecture Series plan on this being one of the most attended lectures of the semester, but were unaware of the effects of the distinguished lecturer of Bill Nye. Some students on campus with a strong loyalty to the science guy have planned a countdown of events to occur before the long awaited April 6th. Count down ideas include but are not limited to: nifty home experiments, making crazy sound effects while doing mediocre things, and teaching life lessons about science.


Some truly loyal Bill Nye fans have been planning for months on what they plan to do to get Bill’s attention. Katie Bruton plans to ask Mr. Nye to be the father of her children, while other students on campus are setting up sites on campus to film videos about types of rocks.


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One student Daniel Thornsbury claims to be the #1 Bill Nye fan since his first episode in ’03. The rumor around UNT is that Daniel plans to attempt the acclaimed Bill Nye head spin. “After watching all  5 seasons during my Netflix & Bill stage of last semester, I knew my goal was to learn the science behind a 360 head spin,” explained Daniel. Daniel plans to be first in the ticket line for the Bill Nye lecture.



In an interview with Daniel he told The Black Sheep how he came to admire his idol Bill Nye. He explained “the theme-song has always been my morning alarm and pump up song when need be” said Daniel. “The chanting of BILL BILL BILL BILL always made me feel as if I was fist pumping with Bill Nye himself.” The popular theme-song has always been a well-memorized verse for most UNT students, for Eric, there was much more meaning behind the word. “I love to imagine myself in a forest but it’s actually just the hair of Bill Nye and I am walking on his head.”


The UNT clinic is standing by for Daniel’s attempt at the head spin. Chiropractor majors are worried about the ins-and outs of Daniels Bill-Nye move while Physical Therapy graduate students are standing by for their first potential patient come graduation. Daniels friends are strongly encouraging Daniel to follow his dreams, and Daniel is relentless is his plan to execute his hard work. The head spin plans to be revealed before the April 6th arrival of Bill Nye. UNT has asked students to not haggle Bill Nye into watching Daniel Thornsbury’s 360 head spin.


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