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North Texas Bartender of the Week: Cal from Hooligans


Ah finals, that time of year where the majority of us qualify to be on Intervention. Students crying, falling asleep in inappropriate places, wondering just how many days in a row sweatpants can be worn before literally turning to dust.  When you get a break from crying and revising the opening/only sentence of your 10 page essay for the eighth time, stop by Hooligans and get your day drinking on with Cal. 


Name: Cal

Bar: Hooligans

Favorite Drink: Colorado Bulldog


Explain the circumstances behind the earliest shot you’ve ever taken:

I went to a show in Dallas — Brand New and Manchester Orchestra — at the Bomb Factory the night before my 21st birthday. The show ended right at midnight, so I walked up to the bar and got a shot of Jameson.


Who is your worst enemy?

Myself, in the morning.


After studying for 14 hours straight, where is the best place to have an existential crisis in here?:

Near the dart board isn’t a bad one, you can throw sharp things.


If you could ban a song from this bar, what would it be?:

Anything by Taylor Swift.


Say an eagle walks in looking for a little courage before a final exam. What drink should they order?:

Any straight shot of whiskey before you gotta nut up and do something is always good.


Now that same Eagle moseys in after failing the shit out of that final. What should they order?:

Something sweet and not too harsh. Maybe a Sex on the Beach or White Russian. You know, something comforting.


You get to bring back Prince or David Bowie to have a drink with. Choose wisely:

That’s so tough! Out of pure influence on my childhood…I have to say David Bowie. Labyrinth was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I loved his music.


If you could make a new law for this bar, what would it be?:

Check your baggage at the door. I know that’s the default thing, to open up to the bartender and complain, but sometimes, well, it’s just not my problem! And I’d really rather serve you drinks in silence.


A lot of bartenders in movies give life advice to downtrodden patrons (while wiping the counter down, of course), do you have any words of wisdom for us lowly students during finals week?:

Stay true to yourself. Don’t let anything or anybody change you for things that don’t really matter to you.


You heard it kids: take a shot of whiskey, throw some darts, and ace those finals like you were born for it. And if for some reason you don’t, that’s ok, just don’t go bitching to Cal about it.


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