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UNT Conspiracy: Is There a Speakeasy in the Basement of Sycamore Hall?


Sycamore Hall is a legendary UNT landmark within the confines of our beautiful campus. The structure and environment, as many would describe, is an eclectic mix between post-apocalyptic mirror maze and an old 70’s basement. However, according to some one campus, there’s much more to the old building than just a maze of books, a yellow pole and a flight of stairs. For the select few of UNT students familiar with the inner depths of Sycamore, there’s a small escape from the reality of cramming for tests.  


“It started as an exploration into the inner-workings of the unexplored library, I took the old elevator in the back and before I knew it, I was taken back in time,” said Susan B. Wells, a UNT alumni and apparent founder of the UNT secret speakeasy within the depths of Sycamore Hall. “The classic joint under ol’ Sycamore is the swankiest spot in town, and all it took for me to find it was that creepy old elevator.”


Wells continues to be a popular figure amongst the walls of the Sycamore speakeasy, which is currently referred to as “The Old Rag Tag.” Even after graduating back in 1985, Susan is found each night atop the old piano, singing the blues. Unfortunately, The Black Sheep wasn’t able to fine the inward workings of the Old Rag Tag, as the secret walls of the Old Rag Tag are kept confidential amongst Sycamore regulars.


The administration in charge of Sycamore Hall refused an interview about the undercover speakeasy. However, the night janitor Carl Ramsey pulled us aside and spoke in whispers. “Seeing plenty of students use the elevator around 3 a.m., then returning days later, boozy as hell,” he told us before a student emerged from the elevator and yelled “PIANO MAN CARL, play us another one will ya?” We asked him to elaborate, but Piano Man Carl ran away, mop in hand.


“One all-nighter of cramming for statistics turned into the most bizarre experiences of my life, now I’m a regular at the Old Rag Tag,” stated Benjamin Gerber. “I never expected to find my alter ego,” he continued, looking into the distance, “but the lower that old piece of junk elevator took me, I felt something else take over my body.” Benjamin is known as “someone to not mess with” amongst regulars. “In daily life, apart from my time at The Tag, I’m a regular biochem student.”


When we straight up asked Ben if he’d take us there, he turned poetic and said “One must find The Rag Tag for themselves. For it is in the haze of all-nighters and the breathless pursuit of education that one finds the speakeasy of friends and times past… but seriously I can’t tell you. Carl and Susan would be super pissed.” 


Campus administration also remains keenly unaware of the excursions in the secret speakeasy that resides in the depths of Sycamore Hall, and the regulars hope to keep it that way. One thing’s for sure, if you ever find yourself in the haze of an all-nighter in Sycamore, you might soon find yourself drinking moonshine in a 1920’s style-room instead of actually studying. 


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