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UNT Commuter Crawls Inside Horse Carcass for Warmth Before Morning Trek to Campus


Travis Gaballo has long been fascinated by the equine. “When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a horse-man. That’s a being that is fifty percent human and fifty percent horse. I was one hundred percent set on it. But as time went on I realized that was zero percent possible.”


Despite his setback, Gaballo has maintained his obsession with those hooved beasts that run with such speed and grace. Gaballo has a shrine dedicated to horses in his closet, which he says he visits in times of need. “Sometimes the world really closes in on me and I need to go to my safe place. That horse shrine is my safe place. Other times I call my mom, but mostly I just sit in there and light a horse scented candle.”


More recently, Gaballo has found a new way to become one with the horses. It can be pretty cold in the mornings, particularly for bike commuters like Gaballo. Several students have passed away due to frostbite over the recent weeks, and commuters are figuring out different ways to counter the conditions. “I have started eating Icy Hot in the mornings,” said one UNT student who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s really cold at first, but after like 30 minutes my stomach gets really warm and I feel great. My doctor says I should stop for my health but he just doesn’t understand. I need the Icy Hot inside of me.”


Another student told The Black Sheep that the best way to get warm in the morning is to crawl inside a human sized microwave. “It really is the best way to warm yourself. Human sized microwaves can be difficult to find, but if you look hard enough you’ll find one.”


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Gaballo has discovered a way to combine his passion for horses with a practical solution to his temperature conundrum. “Yea I saw The Revenant a couple of weeks ago, and I thought that crawling up in a horse looked to be pretty toasty. So I bought one on Craigslist, and it’s really been doing the job! Now I don’t worry about freezing my ass off, and I spend my morning inside of an animal I love dearly. How does it get any better than that?”


Gaballo says he sometimes reads the Wall Street Journal, which he follows up with a few games of Candy Crush. He always concludes his sessions with several freestyle raps about horse issues in modern society. He does all of this to keep his mind occupied while he warms himself inside of the deceased horse. Gaballo says that the time he spends in the horse goes by extremely slowly, something that he has no problem with. “Time goes by when you’re having fun, but time goes really slow when you’re having fun and warming yourself.”


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