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Warmer Weather Brings Every Perfect Couple to the Square


With more consistent warm weather finally here to stay, spring has signaled its arrival in Denton. The gentle winds that caress our faces, the tender sunlight kissing our shoulders, and mercifully higher double-digit temperatures mean that we can all emerge from our burrows to face the sky like the flower children of Denton we are, and the Square proves to be the perfect place for us flowers to take root and love to bloom.


A quick jaunt around the Square reveals thirteen couples: five of these pairs are looking into each other’s eyes and whispering sweet nothings, three pairs are lying on their backs holding hands, another two are having a little picnic, one is playing overdone hits from 2014 to each other on a guitar and mandolin, and a last couple is reciting poetry to each other and shoving strawberries in each other’s mouth like they’re goddamned children.


“Hahaha, it’s so nice out here!” laughed one utterly blessed and bubbly Cara, wearing a garland crown and a sundress. “I thought to myself last night, ‘Wow, tomorrow I want to feel the earth with my feet, and that’s it!’ And here I am! I did it! And I’m here with my handsome man, with whom I have the perfect relationship!”


Her beau, a blue button-up wearing young fellow named Wyatt, looks up from his acoustic guitar and beams a winning smile-the same one that he greets customers with at Market Basket Market Grain, the restaurant he is head chef and soon to be part owner at.


“You know, I really love her shampoo commercial-like hair, her carefree attitude, and the wonderful job doing what she loves that she got right when she graduated. She tells me that she loves my shiny and straight teeth, my perfectly trimmed beard that, while wonderful, does unfortunately hide my almost laser-cut square jawline, and my wonderful job doing what I love that I got right when I graduated. We’re so happy and economically secure and we’ve never been depressed!!!”


The couple then launched into impassioned covers of 3-5 year old indie-ish songs, gazing into each other’s eyes, giggling, and repeating these actions for the next seven hours.


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