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6 Buildings On NAU’s Campus To Flip Off Before You Leave


The academic year is quickly reaching its end, and with it comes the start of summer vacation. Whether you’re traveling or staying in Flagstaff, there are just some things about the NAU campus that everyone will miss. However, there are those things that no one will ever miss. For those spectacular locations, The Black Sheep has found the best places to flip the bird too before you head off for a vacation.

6.) The SBS Building:

This place is just actual Hell. If you’re an NAU student, odds are you will have to take a class here at some point. However, unless your major’s department is based on South Campus, you’re going to have a hell of a time getting there for class, then making it back to central before your next one. You can try using the buses to get around, but ha, good luck with that. Plus, the entire building is constantly confused with the OTHER building that’s also called SBS, and both of their layouts could easily be compared to The Labyrinth. R.I.P. David Bowie.

5.) The Union:

Ah, the good ol’ Student Union. Supplying us all with questionably edible meals, headaches, and concern for our fellow Lumberjacks at most hours of the day. Whether it’s the pink chicken from Star Ginger or the food poisoning available in the Hotspot, the Union provides many ways to ensure you get sick at least twice a week. The ridiculous prices don’t help either, since apparently increasing freshmen acceptance and tuition rates aren’t bringing in enough money for our ever-faithful Lizard Queen Cheng.

4.) Cline Library:

No one is really a fan of the empty sprawling maze that is the library. There’s not really any strong reason to hate it at all, but you will most definitely get tired of it right towards the end of the year. Maybe it’s because seeing all the other panicked students, half drunken Red Bulls, and piles of mostly useless textbooks reminds you of the storm that is-a-comin. Just make sure to bring a pillow.

3.) Bus Stops:

While these aren’t technically buildings, they’ve earned a spot on this list thanks to our collective distaste for the buses. These are a better bet than trying to flip off the buses anyway, since they won’t show up on time ever. It’s made worse than usual recently considering the how much construction has been going on.

2.) Sechrist Hall:

Anyone who’s lived on campus knows how fucking terrible this Hellhole is. You don’t have to live in Sechrist to be disturbed by its constant visits from the police and ambulance. Not to mention the nonstop music, people stumbling around the hall drunk, and of course the infamous 8th floor chicken. There are very few who will miss it over the summer.

1.) All The Damn Construction:

This one isn’t really a building either, which is honestly the problem. There are no buildings, just a lot of disheveled dirt plots blocking many of the walkways, overtaking parking lots, and even destroying valuable flora. Out of everything on campus, this construction for sure deserves the biggest middle finger you can flip. Not a single student would contest this.

Get out those stupid foam fingers they hand out at football games, like we likely paid for with our tuition, rip off the pointer, and glue that baby back on in the right place. Let’s all just hope that things change while we’re gone for the summer.

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