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7 Louie the Lumberjack Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get You Laid this Valentine’s Day


Everyone who goes to NAU knows that the mascot is a sexy beast. Everyone knows and admires the rugged lumberjack Louie, and some people even are a little more than admirers when it comes to this bearded beauty.  We all want a Louie in our lives, so here are seven lines that could only work on him.


7.) “Are you a dish from Star Ginger? Because you give me a funny feeling in my stomach.”

Everyone who’s seen Louie knows that he is a sight to behold, so it’s no surprise that he would make you feel dizzy and like you just ate questionable yellow curry chicken from the infamous Union eatery.

6.) “Is that a pine tree in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Suggestive and clever, this one is really good. Just be careful; Louie might actually have a pine tree in his pocket.

5.) “I’d like to axe you out on a date.”

A bit of a gamble; it’s clever and topical for Louie himself, but you’re really going to be pushing your luck by using a pun.

4.) “There’s a lot of snow outside, we should cuddle for warmth.”

This one gets right to the point, and is very likely to work due to the fact that there probably will be some snow outside well into the summer. Good news for you too since that mascot suit sure is warm!

3.) “Nice wood.”

Get it?

2.) “I have a new craft brew back at my place.”

Just like every other person in Flagstaff, Louie has a pretty big weak spot for craft beers. This line doesn’t even require being clever or anything, just have some craft brew and you’ll be sure to have Louie back at your place in no time.

1.)“Nice beard.”

Guaranteed to work every time; if there’s anything that Louie loves more than craft brews and chopping lumber, it’s someone who can appreciate a finely grown beard.

Whatever approach you take, make sure you stay warm and watch out for the axe (he takes it with him everywhere).

Speaking of Valentine’s Day…

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