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NAU: A Snapchat Story

Ever since it evolved beyond being a simple medium for sending nudes, Snapchat has quickly risen to fame as one of the most used social media apps. It’s a great way for young adults to capture a moment and for actual adults to make a last-ditch effort of keeping tabs on their college aged children. Northern Arizona University was featured in Snapchat’s series of college campus stories, but anyone asked about it will say that it was a clear misrepresentation of what NAU students are all about. Being a Lumberjack is about more than just going to the creek. So here’s a look at what NAU and its students are actually like, as told by  Snapchat.

Like all social media channels Snapchat is a place for users to just straight up complain:


Subpar burritos are all some students can afford on their meal plan, Chipotle is reserved for visits from mom and dad.


NAU students don’t have the luxury of wearing tank tops in January like those in Tempe or Tucson, and because of this the Flagstaff socialite has developed an innate skill of never getting cold. Blizzards will not stop our party girls from breaking the Catholic school hemline rules!


Flagstaff is famous for its ridiculous weather. The sun can be shining bright while there is torrential downpour or snow pelting the masses. No one is safe and if the forecast says there is a 5% chance of rain, pack your boots and your umbrella because it’s coming down.

NAU campus and Flagstaff could be the #NoFilter capital of Arizona.


It’s nice, if you’re in to that whole stunning mountain view thing.


(Yes, this is on the way to the creek. Get over it.)

And last but in no way least, dogs:


This little guy is just trying to carry on with his education.

This dynamic duo are enjoying a rainy day with their hoonan and his smaller hoonan. Just how life should be.

Everyone needs a belly rub every now and then, amirite?

Look at this majestic legged floof


For a closer look in to NAU’s life in ten second intervals follow us on Snapchat TheBlackSheep99! You’re welcome in advanced, internet.

This one’s for all of you who’ve been duct taped inside a porta-potty:


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