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The Best Flagstaff Happy Hours For Your Broke Ass

 As a college town, the happy hours available in Flagstaff are incredibly important to the broke college student wishing to get drunk on a Friday night (or a Monday, we don’t judge). A fair few don’t partake in this sacred tradition (fuck them), but those that do become immensely popular among students. For those who can’t afford to buy a fancy $8 Tequila Sunrise, these are the five best bars to go to.

5.) Monsoon:

Monsoon offers a rather lonnnnnng happy hour, as it goes from 3:30 to 8 p.m. for drinks and from 3-6 p.m. for food. Though you can only get $3 pints during happy hour, the food menu makes up for having to drink beer. The weekend is not included, students can have a great time during the week drowning their sorrows in a cheap beer. Another plus of Monsoon during the week is not getting dry humped from every angle any time you stand.

4.) Collins:

Collins is the place to go when you want liquor. Instead of the usual $3 well drinks, Collins offers them for $2.50 along with a selection of wines. Though only from 4-6 p.m., Collins is the cheapest option, especially alongside their food menu. The happy hour may not be for food, but the menu is reasonable and can still be in a student budget. Get your party started real early for real cheap.

3.) Karma:

This place has the longest happy hour. Monday through Saturday from 3-6p.m. and all day Sunday. They have discounts on a small amount of food items, $3 well drinks, one dollar off drafts beers, hot sake, and sake bombers. They are also the only place to offer a reverse happy hour from 9 p.m. to closing, offering a great place to pregame and eat at before going out, if you think eating raw fish before binge drinking is a good idea.


2.) 1899:

This restaurant is popular for its food as well as its location. It is placed right on the edge of campus and even takes dining dollars for students on a meal plan. Offered from 4-6 p.m. The happy hour food menu is small, but delicious which works well with the $3 well drinks, $4 house wine, and $1 off draft beers. The two menus make it very easy for students to go out to a nice restaurant without emptying their piggy banks completely. Unlike the rest of this list, this place is class all the way. No Tinder dates or sloppy drunks allowed. 

1.) The Mayor:

Newer than many other bars downtown, the Mayor has increased in popularity rather quickly. The vibe and killer drinks have made the Mayor the number one choice for trash students. It’s like walking into a frat from the 80s. The happy hour menu is more extensive and interesting than almost any other bar downtown. The Mayor just wants to make sure everyone has a nice midweek binge. If you’re looking for signature drinks the Mayor is the place to be. “The Big O” which consists of Coors, whiskey and a cigarette, for the truly hopeless.

If you’re watching your wallet more than your weight this spring break season, check these happy hours out to ensure you get nice and toasty on the cheap. 


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