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Top 10 Flagstaff Restaurants To Visit When Drunk

Most people know Flagstaff as being a pretty small place for a college town. Being a smaller town also means, however, plenty of great local places to eat! Especially if you’re a complete mess and looking for a place to get some food to go with the hard liquor you’ve been downing all night.


10.) Bigfoot BBQ:

If you’re the kind of person to enjoy a basket of barbecued meat and French fries that are certain to lead to a heart attack, Bigfoot BBQ is a must. This basement-level pit barbecue restaurant is the best place to stop in Downtown Flagstaff. If you’ve really been hitting the liquor, try and be sure to pace yourself or you’re definitely going to be making a mess.


9.) The Mayor:

A fan favorite just off of campus, this restaurant is a classic All-American hipster dive. Avocado on a burger? Why not!? The fun atmosphere and typically crowded restaurant make for an enjoyable spot if you’re drunk as a skunk. Maybe you can even start your campaign for election as The Mayor yourself.


8.) Beaver Street Brewery:

This spot is a big tourist spot for visiting families and new college students, so you may need to be drunk to come and eat here. A sit-down restaurant and brewery, this place has plenty of different food, and a real home-y atmosphere, perfect for those who are missing home and drunk to deal with that fact.


7.) Karma Sushi:

A bit of a nicer place than you may want to visit while drunk, but a good spot nonetheless. This fancy sushi restaurant creates a fun drinking game; see how drunk you can get, then try to act decent in a fine dining setting.


6.) Aloha Hawaiian BBQ:

If you’re one to eat big when drunk, or need a big meal before drinking, this is certainly the place to go. Plus, you can get a pretty huge plate of food for a pretty low price. The best kind of restaurant.


5.) Diablo Burger:

A great place to get a burger on an English muffin bun, using local ingredients. Because everything in Flagstaff is organic, it seems. Maybe you have to be drunk to go here at all.


4.) Downtown Diner:

This place is a real classic sit down diner. Denny’s is the better drunk diner spot, but that’s not local, so here’s this place.


3.) Black Bart’s:

Black Bart’s is a sit-down roadside musical restaurant. The servers all double as your entertainment, as they are all capable performers who go onstage to perform occasionally throughout the night. Maybe you could even try to jump onstage to join them. The staff would definitely love that.


2.) Alpine Pizza:

If you’re a fan of pizza, this is a must-visit place in Flagstaff. A real grungy sit–down and delivery pizza place; the food here is fantastic, and, imaginably, even better for someone who’s drunk.


1.) Wyld Ass:

While Wyld Ass isn’t exactly a restaurant, it is a must-see place local to Flagstaff. Wyld Ass is a local vegan gay bar, cafe, and eatery with plenty of live entertainment, and recently reopened in a new location as well. Plus it has a bar, which means more alcohol, and isn’t that what you wanted in the first place anyway?

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