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The Top 5 Classrooms at NAU to Sit in While a Little Bit Too Stoned

Everyone knows the struggle of getting up and going to your classes when you’re just really not feeling it. Sometimes you just gotta hotbox your car before trudging to that 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. class, and just zone out in the back of the classroom. Sometimes, the classroom can just be a great place to be in while high off your ass. We put together the best spots on campus to put your academia to good use.

5.) Acting Studio room:
This room has it all; completely black walls, black curtains covering up whiteboards, and tons of fake windows and blocks to just kind of arrange however you want. You can sit just about anywhere in this room and it will feel amazing; almost like you aren’t even in class! Do be sure to remember that you are in class and should not be totally zoned out.

4.) That huge lecture hall in Cline:
This place is ridiculous, and almost feels like a movie theater. This is the perfect place to just sit in the back and chill with some music on. It’s also great because if you have a lecture in here, your class is probably huge and odds are half of the people in the back are doing the exact same thing as you. The professor definitely doesn’t care that everyone is eating chips and giggling at nothing.

3.) This Might Be The SBS?:
You honestly can’t remember what class this is, and you can’t really focus on what the professor is saying. It isn’t until about thirty minutes into your supposed lecture that you didn’t even make it to your class. You’re just sitting on a bench in the SBS hallway and should just sit here a while longer to make sure you’re okay. Hey, out of all the place to be way too high, this isn’t so bad.

2.) Any room in the new Science Building:
This building is super high tech and fancy thanks to all the work that went into building it for such a long time. The best part is the floor-to-ceiling views some of the rooms have onto a good chunk of the campus, so if you’re one more inclined to an outdoor view while absolutely zooted, this is the perfect place to be.

1.) The VR Lab:
This place is just all around cool to be in even if drugs aren’t a factor. Not to say that they don’t make this an amazing room to be in. Hopefully you’re in there to use VR, and even if its just testing beta versions of educational programs, you’ll be having an amazing time. Even when you’re not in the VR zone, the colorful LED lamps and cool lighting will be amazing to just sort of look at.

We’re not telling you to go get high in a campus building, but we are saying listen like, being high and in cool places is one of the best things to do whilst high, so, you put two and two together, smart guy. 

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