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The Top 5 Spots at NAU to Make a Naughty Adult Film

College is a time for people to really get out and explore new horizons, and what better horizon for students to explore than for the wonderful world of adult film! There are surely some people who are coming to college with a little more than novice level knowledge about this subject, NAU has plenty to offer for those who need to begin branching out. No, they do not have any sort of official program for adult film, but the campus has plenty of cool places that can help inspire potential porn directors create very detailed NAU-themed adult films.

5.) Anywhere in Cline Library:
The timeless classic porns that are set in libraries are innumerable, so definitely add to that list by basing your adult film in Cline Library! There are plenty of locations, from the brand new Maker Lab to the desks in the far off corner of the third floor that no one goes to. These porns may not be as unique in the current market, but it’s a good stepping stone for any aspiring adult film star.

4.) The Forestry Building:
This place may be a little more tricky, especially considering how many people at NAU are goddamn forestry majors, and therefore constantly around the building. However, setting your pornographic piece of cinema will be incredibly true to NAU’s culture. Plus, if you want a more comedic script, there are plenty of wood puns to be made.

3.) The Hotspot:
Always a fantastic place to really get something good to eat, and also a fantastic place to set your next porno! Plenty of tables and booths, colorful decor, and some very wonderful lighting make for an excellent shoot location. You don’t even have to come with a name for your movie; you can just call it “The Hotspot” and it’ll work perfectly.

2.) On one of the buses:
These shoots may be a bit tricky with people constantly getting on and off the bus, the buses are moving, plus the constantly changing lighting. Filming on the buses though is one of the best ways to show that you really are at NAU and you support all the university stands for. Plus you can get a good chunk of filming done when the bus is stopped for an hour because of delays and difficulty with construction; something else the university really stands for.

1.) Underneath the Louie statue outside the Skydome:
If you wanna show some real university pride in your adult film, then look no further than this must-have filming spot. Located directly outside of NAU’s sports center, the Skydome, and underneath a towering statue of NAU’s mascot Louie, this beautiful spot gets great lighting, and is in the beautiful Flagstaff outdoors. What better spot to film some folks going at it then under the intimidating and strong watch of the Louie statue?

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