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5 Ways Students Helped Notre Dame Make it to the Citrus Bowl

Every college with football has those junkie fans who will do anything to support their team. With Bowl Season coming up, The Black Sheep has done some research on Notre Dame Campus to find out what foolproof methods fans used to (sometimes) ensure their team’s path to this year’s Citrus Bowl.


5.) The Club Hesburgh Challenge:

This is a classic for any Notre Dame football fan; complete the Hesburgh Challenge and be assured that Notre Dame will win. Run up the library stairs to each floor and chug a beer on each floor. Once you get to the 13th floor, make sure to make a huge disturbance so that the studious people know to go watch football instead of being fucking nerds.

4.) Hanging a LimeBike in a tree:

Every Notre Dame student knows how annoying it is to come outside and find your bike in a tree, but would you be less annoyed if you knew it were for a good cause?  Ryan Wall, of O’Neill Hall, claims, “The best way to ensure an Irish victory in 2017 is to hang a LimeBike in a tree outside of your respective dorm at least two days prior to the game.”  Bonus points if you can get a freshman to buy a ride on it beforehand so you can watch them struggle to take it down from the tree.


3.)  Chapel crawls:

There’s nothing like a good ol’ Notre Dame chapel before game day. It even says in the Bible, “Thou shall pray on your knees in the nearest chapel to support your team.” Luckily for Notre Dame, we have an advantage over most colleges because we have at least ten times the number of chapels that any other college campus. More prayers, more chances to win.


2.)  “Bring Your Own Candle” dinners:

Every Notre Dame student knows that the dining hall staff puts on candlelit dinners after home football games, but a lesser-known tradition for only the most diehard fans are dinners where you bring your own candle. Molly Finnerty of Walsh Hall swears by this tradition, saying that, “Bringing your own candle to the dining hall while you eat dinner is the best way to show everyone that your team means business.”


1.) Singing the “Kill” chant in class:

For the most dedicated fans, singing the Notre Dame “Kill” chant in the middle of an 8:20 lecture the Friday before a football game is the best way to destroy both your participation grade and the opponent. Bill Meyers says he has done this all 4 years of college and has gotten kicked out of class every time, but, “Dude, it was so worth it.”

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