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Art Students Excited Ceramics Josh Adams’ True Passion

“His speed and skill are just amazing,” Mary Catherine Kelly, Class of 2020, exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like it before. To be able to witness it is such an honor.”


It’s no surprise that Kelly is referring to Notre Dame’s very own Josh Adams. But what is surprising is that she’s not talking about his athletic ability – rather, Kelly is talking about Adams’ true passion: pottery.

Adams’ zeal for ceramics began earlier this semester, when he realized that he needed to fulfill his fine arts requirement. With the support of his academic advisor and the promise of an easy A, Adams freely embraced this creative outlet.


As the university repeatedly states during its television advertisements, Notre Dame takes pride in the academic prowess of its athletes. The university make every effort to convince donors that athletes do more than just play sports, make promotional videos, and injure themselves in bars.


William Gunther III, Class of 2019, is another ceramics student that took special notice of Adams’ abilities.


“He’s like magic in the art studio. His skill is unparalleled. Everyone is talking about his chances to win the Heisman, but here in Riley, nobody can stop talking about his pot display in the art exhibition at the end of the year.”


It’s great to see that the university is genuinely invested in the education and success of their students. Notre Dame will soon be announcing the release of the Josh Adams’-inspired housewares collection in the spring of 2018. They will include poorly designed clay pots and misshapen, half-glazed bowls, and will be available in the bookstore starting at $59.99.

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