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Decio Café Challenges Newfs As Number One Seller Of White Claw In Indiana

According to Newfs’ credible and entirely factual Instagram, they have claimed that they number one seller of White Claw in not just South Bend, but all of Indiana. Notre Dame girls love their White Claws.

In wake of this news, Decio Café announced that they have started to sell White Claws during peak lunch hours, in attempt to win the crown of most White Claws sold.

General Manager Ben Sheehan released a statement saying, “We are looking to expand our market. Honest Tea is a big seller here, but so far, the professors have been loving the change of pace with White Claw. It gives them a little bit of extra energy to get through that last lecture.”

Decio Café, located in the faculty building, has been selling so many White Claws this past week that they are expected to beat Newfs. “The Classics Department loves the Ruby Grapefruit flavor. It’s been flying off the walls,” Sheehan added. “I’m not at all surprised that the professors can out-drink the students on a normal Monday lunch.”

According to Sheehan, professors have been absolutely destroying White Claws during their lunch breaks. Due to the added stress that teaching and in general students cause, professors have found that they need something to take the edge off, and have found that something in White Claws.

English professor Linda Jenson loves the Black Cherry White Claw, adding that “It spices up my day. I thought the pamplemousse flavored LaCroix was the highlight of my lunch, but that is now a thing of the past.”

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