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The Hottest Trends You’ll Only See at Notre Dame

We’ve assembled the craziest compilation of Notre Dame “trends,” created and sported by some of ND’s hottest celebs. Whether you’re looking for something to help you stand out, or something to help you creep people out, on Notre Dame’s campus, there are countless crazy fads from which to choose. 

Fr. Jenkins’ Dead Fish Handshake:

Popularized by our very own Father Jenkins, no ND introduction is complete without a cold, sweaty hand going limp in your palm. Don’t forget to avoid eye contact, too! It’s the only way to let fellow students know—in the most uncomfortable way possible—that you’re just as socially awkward. The next time you meet a fellow Domer, don’t be afraid to greet them the Jenkins way!

Joe Levano’s Creepy Stuffed Animal:

First off, it’s incredibly surprising that that no one took more notice of the insanely creepy stuffed animal photobombing Levano’s pic. Maybe Joe looks so sad because he knows that this freakin’ panda (Or an owl? Who can tell the true species of this hell-beast) is going to kill him while he sleeps. Regardless, no campus dorm room would be truly complete without a questionable stuffed animal with eyes the size of NDH trays.

Brian Kelly’s Dad Bod:


Though this college trend has been around basically since the moment that beer was invented, it’s still beyond a doubt that Brian Kelly personifies the Dad Bod in all its glory. When that belly starts bouncing, the Notre Dame student body starts swooning. And for those of you looking to throw in a little extra flair to complete your look, take a hint from Kelly and tug on a brightly-colored visor. Nothing says “Dad” like male pattern baldness.

Priest Collars:

Around Notre Dame, priest collars are hotter than L. L. Bean boots in winter. Seriously, ladies, whenever you see a young priest around campus, nine times out of ten they’re crazy hot. Why? Because deep down, you know you can never have them, and that they only have their eyes on the Lord. What’s hotter than forbidden love? Just ask Edward and Bella.

Erin Hoffmann Harding’s “The Rachel”:


This one’s for you, Erin! While we were falling in love with the idea of your secret love affair with Fr. Jenkins (he’s just not emotionally ready for you, sweetie), we also couldn’t stop talking about how you’re rocking the Jennifer Aniston look. Good thing the ‘90s are coming back! Take a tip from Erin’s sweet ‘do. Use that blowout-induced confidence to find you a man that’s going to be the Ross to your Rachel.

While it may not have affordable tuition, reasonable gender-interaction rules, or drinkable water in DeBartolo Hall, the University of Notre Dame certainly has no shortage of hot trends for you to copy on your road to popularity. Break a couple of these out in social settings, and pretty soon it’ll be your friend count that’s going up 3.7%!

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