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Notre Dame Boys Refuse to Wear Jackets to Feve in Solidarity with Coatless Girls

This syllabus week, in keeping with the university’s Catholic identity, a group of male Notre Dame students have decided to focus on upholding one of the main pillars of Catholic social teaching, “Solidarity,” by not wearing jackets to Club Fever in order to show respect for the female students who apparently do not possess winter coats.

The Black Sheep asked sophomore Theology major Joseph Adams of Siegfried Hall to fill us in on the purpose of the students’ mission, known as the “Coatless Campaign.”

“My boys and I have come to notice that there are a large number of Notre Dame females who go to Feve in freezing temperatures without coats,” said Adams. “We simply felt too guilty to continue walking into Michiana’s hottest nightclub with our warm winter jackets, so we are choosing to stand with our sisters by not wearing jackets when we go out.”

Adams has organized a group of close to fifty other male students to join him in this effort, and they are rapidly spreading awareness of the alarming lack of female students who don’t appear to own even a single fur-lined jacket or even a simple down zip-up. He is hoping to organize a coat drive on campus to distribute to female students in need.

“This drive is crucial not only to the physical health of our students, but also to their academic performance,” explained Adams. “We have noticed that we never see girls walking to class without coats, so these coatless girls must be missing months worth of classes because they cannot afford coats. We assume that these girls come out on Thursdays to nightclubs such as Feve searching for the warmth that only swarms of sweaty freshmen can provide.”

The Black Sheep spotted freshman Nicole Smith outside of Feve without a jacket and asked her both why she was without a jacket and how she feels about the “Coatless Campaign.”

“Well, I left my Canada Goose parka in my dorm room because I was hoping that this boy Joseph would finally notice me shivering and lend me his jacket,” Smith said, “But turns out he doesn’t have a jacket to lend me anymore because he’s too busy with this stupid solidarity campaign.”

Smith paused, contemplating, and then added, “But, at least they’re not heckling me for money like on that ridiculous “Day of Man” or whatever.”

When asked, Adams provided a judicious response to Smith’s comment.

“Of course there will always be people who abuse our system,” said Adams, with a shrug. “But the dignity of our cause will always remain intact.”

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