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Notre Dame Econ Major Proudly States, “I’m Not Like Other Arts and Letters Students, I’m an Econ Major”

Junior economics major Lee Harley, tired of facing academic discrimination, is starting his own personal campaign to have economics differentiated from other majors within the College of Arts and Letters.


“I just wanted to clarify that I am not entering a major where I won’t get a job. I don’t even understand why econ is a ‘social science.’ I don’t even have to write any papers. I’m just trying to raise awareness that economics should not be in the same college as graphic design.”

Harley, along with other economic majors, is tired of being swept up the negative connotation surrounding Arts and Letters students. He says he often gets teased about being in “Arts and Crafts,” despite having to still use a calculator in every class.


“I had to take Calculus A and B just to still be in Arts and Letters. Business students don’t even have to do that,” complained Harley. “I even did research for LEO over the summer. I had to suffer through econometrics and Mendoza students still look me down on. That is why I try to distinguish myself from other Arts and Letters students. No one just takes econometrics for a fun time.”


Harley, visibly upset, left for several minutes, while the sounds of sobbing came through from the other room. Returning, he revealed that he still has PTSD over the econometrics final. “BJ Lee just treated me so dirty,” Harley explained.


“Some of my engineering friends think they work so much harder than me just because I’m in Arts and Letters, and that really hurts,” Harley said through tears. “I may not have as many requirements as them, but I still struggle.”


Harley stressed that he doesn’t hate other students in the college of Arts and Letters, “Now I get the appeal of Arts and Letters. I respect the students for pursuing something they love, instead of just pursuing money.”


Harley sighed, and took a deep breath in a moment of self-reflection.


“I guess I’m just a wannabe Mendoza bro.”


“Hey, I’m Arts and Letters too and I want to go to med school,” a small voice was heard after overhearing Harley’s conversation. “I’m a neuroscience major. I’m not like other Arts and Letters students either.”

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