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Notre Dame Students Discover New Song “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

In a development sure to radically alter the dorm party landscape for years to come, the students of the University of Notre Dame recently discovered a hot new song by the Las Vegas-based band The Killers.


Lead singer Brandon Flowers belts the iconic line, “Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine,” in the opening of the new single, and it couldn’t be more appropriate. Both The Killers and the Notre Dame student body are really coming out of their cage with this track.


Released sometime recently, the song has become The Killers’ first nationwide hit and has quickly reached the top of the charts. The song that deals with subjects such as paranoia and “Jealousy, turning saints into the sea” has made its way through the speakers of the University of Notre Dame’s Zahm Hall House at their infamous weekend parties. It seems that this may be exactly the big break that this up-and-coming college anthem needs to truly make its debut in the music world.


We asked two Notre Dame students to communicate their reactions to the tune.


“Yeah, I’m not really sure what the lyrics are about,” remarked Stacy, a first-year in Farley. “But I do know it makes for great party music. It’s, like, so upbeat and lively, everyone gets hype to it! Plus, when other people are doing the same thing as me, I feel accepted.”


Joe, a junior from Dillon Hall, also expressed positive sentiments towards the Las Vegas-based band’s magnum opus. “The song just feels so…I don’t know, bruh, like, familiar. Weird, right? It’s impressive how quickly people learned the words, it came so naturally! Not like Business Stats. I wish Huy Huynh’s class was as easy to understand as these lyrics.”


But the benefits of the song may not stop there. Students at Notre Dame’s Center for Social Research have recently released a study that suggests that playing “Mr. Brightside” at social gatherings has a direct correlation with the amount that partygoers drink.


“We don’t quite know why, but whenever ‘Mr. Brightside’ is played during a social gathering, we have noticed that students immediately tend to reach for a fourth, fifth, or sixth PBR,” says Elizabeth, a senior who is researching for her thesis on the social habits of Notre Dame students. “We even have reason to believe that the song has also prompted a significant amount of students in the College of Engineering to be more social on weekends.”


“Mr. Brightside” may be the party song of the year, and maybe even the next year, and the year after that. So if you’re looking for a new song to play at your get-togethers other than the overplayed classics “Closer” or “Sweet Caroline,” try putting “Mr. Brightside” in the queue. Its fresh new sound is sure to please your guests.

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