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Op-Ed: Renowned Physicist Max Born Can Get It

I mean, come on, just look at him! Look at that face! Don’t you just want to eat him alive? Maybe not the best nomenclature for that, but you get the point. Not only is this guy totally hunky-dory, if ya knaw’m saying, he also made huge advances in the discipline of quantum of physics. He is literally perfect. Can I just, like, be him? The BlackSheep Notre Dame hit the mean streets of North Quad to figure out if Max Born can, in fact, get it.

When asked if renowned particle physicist Max Born could get it, sophomore Catie DaCicago replied “Who?”

When the question was repeated Catie replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is. Also, it’s like 30 degrees out here. Why are you only wearing a hula skirt and a life jacket? It’s weird,” Catie scowled, but continued. “Please stop dancing, it’s weird. Okay I’m leaving. You are a very good dancer, though.”

When asked the same question, junior John AncheDaCicago had this to say (Words in brackets modified from his original speech due to graphic nature):

“Oh [heck] yeah [dude], I want to [hecking hug] that guy to death. If I had a time machine, I would go back in time just to [place] my [vase] in his [very nice display case where he keeps his expensive vases]. I would [hecking pet] his little [dog] so [tenderly], he would [develop a long lasting platonic friendship with] me. Now let me [tickle] your [Tollhouse cookies] you [excellent dancer].”

Clearly, students think that renowned physicist Max Born can get it. Come on, wouldn’t you wanna just give him a big kiss? You know you want to. Come on. Just do it. Would it be easier if I danced for you? As you can tell from the quotes, I am a very good dancer.

To celebrate this dime-piece of a man, The Black Sheep Notre Dame has compiled a photo gallery of renowned physicist Max Born, who can get it, and miscellaneous things the author thought were important:

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