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The Spooky Map of South Bend

Looking for some spooky thrills this weekend? Never fear! We found some of the creepiest places in South Bend to connect with the paranormal. Don’t miss your chance to make the most of your Halloween!


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5.) Primrose Road, South Bend:

This road has been the source of some ~spooky~ myths around South Bend. Legend has it that vehicles driving down this road face a variety of misfortunes. Some have had their tires slashed. A few cars have even just suddenly turned off with no explanation. The trouble doesn’t just stop at automobiles, though. Some people have even seen a farmhouse appear and then disappear before their eyes. Electronics that are fully charged can suddenly lose power once they’re near the road. And if that isn’t enough, a woman (who is rumored to have been murdered as part of a ritualistic sacrifice) is also said to haunt the area. AND there’s a cemetery at the end of the road. It doesn’t get any more real than that, folks.

4.) Joseph D. Oliver House:

A house built in 1895, it has 38 rooms in it! It’s not hard to believe that at least one of them is haunted. Lucky for you, the employees who work there think so, too. Lights turning on and off, buttons flashing inexplicably, all that jazz. One of the employees even started running through certain rooms because they were too unsettling. But the house got back at her, eventually – she was unable to leave one day because the doors wouldn’t open. Freaky to the max!


3.) Washington Hall, University of Notre Dame:

Every Notre Dame student should know the story of the Gipper. Back in the early 1900s, the All-American football player George Gipp played for Notre Dame, under the immortal (not actually) coach Knute Rockne. Legend has it that Gipp liked to stay out late partying, and back then, the dorms locked at midnight. So, the Gipper tended to climb the fire escape to Washington Hall, go through the emergency door, and sleep inside. However, one winter night, the emergency door was locked, and the Gipper was forced to sleep on the fire escape outside. As a result, he caught pneumonia, and passed away soon after. Now, it is said that he haunts Washington Hall, and his ghost can be heard to anyone who passes by after midnight.


2.) Hacienda, Mishawaka:

No one could guess by the Mexican restaurant’s bright exterior that it holds a deep, mysterious secret. It’s said that the mansion’s former owner had an affair with one of his maids, who was deeply in love with him. However, he rejected her soon after he learned that she was pregnant. Distraught, she is rumored to have hanged herself in the attic, and he ended up shooting himself in the basement. Customers and employees alike have witnessed lights flickering on and off, toilets flushing inexplicably, and doors opening and closing at random.


1.) Little Egypt Cemetery:

People driving along the road that houses this cemetery have reported ghostlike apparitions standing on gravestones and running into the road. The story goes that if you throw a coin onto a baby’s grave, you’ll hear it crying (not sure how anyone could have found this out, but okay). People have also reported that orbs and mists have appeared in photos taken in or near the cemetery. But because this place has become so frequented by thrill seekers, there are now extra precautions to prevent visitors, like security guards and wire fences.

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