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The 5 Worst Places to Take a Date in South Bend

In case you weren’t already aware of how alone you are, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! For most of you, that means lying to your parents about having a date so you can shove cheap chocolate down your throat and watch Bridget Jones through your tears. But, if you’re lucky enough to score a date on the most desperate day of the year, don’t mess it up with a lackluster location. Thankfully, we created a comprehensive list of al the worst places to take a date in South Bend. Seriously avoid these like your life (or your date) depended on it.

5.) Dining Hall:
Is there anything more Notre Dame than cheap silverware and lukewarm entrees? Don’t get me wrong, dining hall dates are easy, convenient, and casual—but they don’t exactly scream romance. And your date might think you’re a huge cheap-o. And there’s the possibility that every person you know will see you and whisper awkwardly as they pass by. Definitely the least of all the evils, but still awful in its own way.

4.) Yats:
Eddy Street is always a safe bet for a date—unless you’re going to Yats. College is not the time to try to diversify your palate (or your date’s). That jazzy-hipster-questionably-trendy vibe is only acceptable in Portland, Oregon and Wes Anderson films. If you ever think about taking your first date to Yats, imagine telling your kids about how you took their mother to a place with the slogan “Cajun. Creole. Crazy.” Yeah.

3.) Mass at the Basilica:
Everyone is nervous enough on a first date without having a priest to remind you that everything you want to do is a sin. No one needs an existential crisis right before chatting about your favorite movies. Ready to experience some awkward sexual tension and moist hand-holding in the eyes of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? No? Alright then.

2.) Taco Bell / Pizza Hut:
You might be thinking to yourself, “I’m giving her options! Everyone likes pizza and tacos; you can’t go wrong!” But you may also think that the Earth is flat and that Donald Trump is just misunderstood. Taco Hut is basically just a fast food joint on steroids. Don’t go with your gut on this one.

1.) Club Fever:
Club Fever is definitely the crème-de-la-crème of bad date spots, no doubt about it. Taking cheap tequila shots while her heels get caught in the sticky beer puddles on the floor? Ooh baby, talk dirty to me. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would consider a strobe to be mood lighting, and I can guarantee you that your date wouldn’t either. And before you say that no one would ever take their first date to Feve, trust me, it happens.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and seniors settling into relationships that they’ll stay in until they’re dead, you’ll be glad you didn’t take your date to Feve. If anything, you might’ve run into this guy, and that would’ve been a whole ‘nother story. 

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