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The 2017 Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Joe’s Pizza

Well, NYU’s done it. After a hard several weeks of rigorous tallying votes, and hard decisions, a drunk food king has been crowned. And you guess it: it’s Joe’s.

Joe’s trampled over Veselka by an insane 100 votes. I guess it’s true that people can’t get enough of that classic thin, New York City style pizza. That shit’s like crack man, and Joe’s is your rich cousin who’s got the good stuff.


But let’s not forget all the other magnificent drink binging establishments here in “NYU’s Campus” / in the middle of the greatest city in the world.


Round one had Joe’s surpass Artichoke (cuz it’s not really pizza), we had the Halal Guys crush Mamoun’s, Veselka annihilate the Waverly Diner, and Dollar Pizza sneak out the win over that Halal Cart outside Palladium.


Then Round Two left Halal Guys at the bottom, with a humiliating loss to Joe’s. And Dollar Pizza fought hard, but was left on the loosing end of the Pizza / Veselka battle.


And finally Joe’s killed Veselka. Plain and simple. I guess it shows that here at NYU, while there may be many places to satisfy that drunk craving, there’s one place that stands above the rest: Joe’s Pizza Ladies and Gentlemen.

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