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The 2017 NYU Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, from Tisch to Stern and everywhere in between, the NYU student body better be ready to vote on some drunk food.


Just before spring break, The Black Sheep we collected hundreds of votes for our round one on this drunk food journey. We voted on pizza (from dollar slices to five dollar artichoke squares), diners, halal, and some our local favorites. In the end only four strong drunk food joints survived. These four are the places you’ll most likely see us – on that shamefully pleasing pit stop; right between partying and puking. March is a wild time everyone, and things are about to get a little crazier.


Voting ends at 5 p.m. on Friday, so get your votes in before then on who should be in the final round next week! You don’t wanna be leaving Durden’s on your way to score some grub, and remember then that you didn’t vote. Don’t be that guy man. Nobody likes that guy.


Division 1:


1.) Joe’s Pizza:
Let’s face it, in a landslide win, I think it’s fair to say that we’re all more likely to shell out $2.75 for a giant, classic slice of Joe’s, than we are to shell out $5 for a creamy piece of Artichoke that’s likely to fast-track us towards yakin’ on the street, while someone holds our hair. Joe’s is the top seed for sure, but could Halal Guys be a sleeper in this bracket?


3.) Halal Guys:
Halal Guys had it’s way against Mamoun’s; crushing them by a near 80 votes, but how will it fare against the Sultan-of-Swat that is Joe’s Pizza? Could we have on our hands something like a 2016 Middle Tennessee v. Michigan State upset? (that’s a sports reference).


Division 2:


1.) Veselka:
No surprise here this fine establishment trampled over the Waverly Diner by nearly 100 votes, but does it have what it takes to compete with the most cost-efficient player in the game?


3.) Dollar Pizza:
It’s tasty and it’s cheap – like the PBR’s at Queen Vics. It snuck past the Halal Cart Outside Palladium by a mere 40 votes. Can it power past your favorite Ukrainian Diner?



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