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5 of the Best Places in Bobst to Discreetly Hit That JUUL

Remember high school, when it was only the few entitled rich kids with the JUULs? Now, pretty much everyone has one. The democratization of the JUUL is both a beautiful and a horrible thing. We can all smoke inside, bur also we’re all gonna get cancer. What’s certain is that once you have a JUUL, you need it all the time. Even if you’re trapped in Bobst. So here are the best places in that giant library that you should hide out to hit that sweet, sweet JUUL.

5.) Linger outside of Bobst, like the cool kid you are:
You used to think that you had to be outside of any given NYU building to hit it because that’s the respectful thing to do, like smoking a cigarette. Yeah, it probably is. So when you’re sitting in Bobst trying to concentrate and you can’t even remember what you were supposed to be doing because you have a massive nicotine deprivation headache, step outside and let everyone know you JUUL as you puff past them on their way to finish a paper.

4.) Literally in any bathroom if you’re not an idiot:
You go to the bathroom and hit it in the stall. You should probably wave away the smoke so nobody walks in and gets sussed out. Suddenly everything gets better. Pretty much all the bathrooms in Bobst are the same, so all of them are safe if you’re not dumb about it. Don’t be dumb.

3.) Just like, discreetly sneak a hit wherever you are:
What if you’ve already gone to the bathroom in the last fifteen minutes? You can’t go again– the comp sci kid who’s been sitting next to you for the past five hours will think you’re weird! Check to make sure there’s no library staff around, but you’ll be fine cause there never is. Bobst staff members are like ghosts. Hold in the smoke and ghost it. It’s embarrassing how anxious you are after you realize that Bobst is pretty much entirely a safe zone. Nobody cares, ya dweeb.

2.) The big-ass fifth floor study lounge:
The fifth floor study lounge is very safe. Most people in there are talking anyway. There are also lots of weird frat boys playing their shitty music really loud and laughing about it, so no one will hear you breathe. Plenty of people have been in here for nine hours cramming in study groups, too busy to care about your sad addiction.

1.) The benches on the fifth and sixth floors:
The hallways up here are the perfect spot to breathe out heavy sighs of your mango pod, and like stress too if that’s something that’s plaguing you. There are benches out here, what could be better? You can hit it pretty freely, but don’t be too obvious about it because that’s annoying. You’re not special, everyone does it.

The point is that you can hit it pretty much anywhere, if you want. Finals are coming and you gotta do what you gotta do.

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