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5 LA Spots That Might Remind You of NYU (Kind Of)

It’s tough being away from New York City when you truly love it. In no particular order, here are just a few restaurants and coffee shops in LA that might remind you of your home away from home- kind of? (Nothing really compares).

5.) M Street Coffee (Sherman Oaks):
It’s a cute little coffee shop on Moorpark. It’s the perfect casual, comfortable little spot. The staff is really friendly, and knows a lot of the regular customers personally. Kind of reminiscent of Everyman Espresso on 13th St. in New York. Lots of space to sit, even though it gets busy, and the coffee is pretty good.

4.) The Bagel Broker (Los Angeles):
The bagel is inherently a New York food. These bagels are some of the only that can even compare to a New York bagel! Good bagel texture and generous with their toppings. People swear by this place, so it’s definitely worth a try.

3.) Dunkin’ Donuts (Encino):
You can’t walk a single block in the NYU area without seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s an integral part of the experience. A violently sweet iced coffee and a donut that tastes more like a glorified bagel is enough to remind you of all those morning classes you didn’t wake up early enough for. Dunkin’ Donuts is not nearly as popular in LA, but there are a few here and there.

2.) Stumptown (Downtown LA):
There are a couple locations in New York, and just one in LA! It’s located in the arts district, which is an industrial area and home to a lot of art galleries. The downtown atmosphere might remind you a bit of the city, and so will the rich taste of the coffee in the morning.

1.) Shake Shack (West Hollywood):
This was the first Shake Shack location to open in LA! Kind of similar to the Madison Square Park Shake Shack because you can sit outside when the weather is nice (which is more likely in LA). Some quality New York burgers and fries might keep you from missing the east coast.

Hopefully these help you out with the rest of the summer in LA. Stay strong, you’ll be back in the city before you know it.

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