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5 Comfy Spots to Post-Up in Stern and Swipe Right on Hot Finance Majors

Finding a space to try to match with finance majors on Tinder without anyone seeing you can be more difficult than it seems. Here are a few comfy and effective places to hide around Stern while matchin’ it up:

5.) Inside of one of those recycling bins outside:
Despite the objective awfulness of this choice, it does offer a large range of serious benefits. This space not only keeps you relatively warm during the colder months, but it also offers you a decent-sized peep hole to look out upon a sea of potential mates. In addition, there’s pretty much no way for anyone to see that you’re on Tinder! Just make sure to stick a hand out or give a good, firm “Hey, stop!” when anyone tries to throw something into the bin.

4.) On a bench outside of Warren Weaver Hall:
None of us are entirely sure why Stern needs three separate buildings to prove that they learn things, but the benches outside of this weird third building do offer a legitimate swiping spot. They offer some shade to protect you from the hot, hot sun, and because of the wall behind the benches, no one can look behind you and see that you are, indeed, swiping on Tinder like an animal.

3.) The stairwell on the north side of the main building:
Now, this is a risky one because it’s inside of the building in which our hopeful matches reside. Much like trying to use the bathroom at a Starbucks you haven’t purchased anything at, one must enter and exit without giving away the true intention. Despite the high risk of this swiping spot, it’s extremely warm and cozy. And for the most part, it lacks people to spot you aggressively going at it on Tinder.

2.) Across the street in the lobby of the Frederick Loewe Theatre:
This is a great option when it’s raining and you don’t want to risk going into the Stern building. There are no seats inside of this lobby, however. So bring your own pillow and blanket, and the Steinhardt students won’t mind. There’s also a Starbucks right next door for when you need a caffeine boost after hours of animalistic Tinder usage.

1.) Right in front of that one food truck:
This is a good option for all of us who are desperately searching for a smart and stable partner but still get hungry for lunch. With that one food truck right behind you, it’s easy to take a break from ferociously swiping through Tinder to grab a bite to eat. But, be careful. There tend to be a lot of people around here, so be sure to turn your brightness all the way down or bring a tent to build around yourself.

These comfy new swiping spots will guarantee you an exciting chance at a happy, financially stable partnership! That, or a space to realize that you can be happy all by yourself. Either way, happy swiping!

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