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6 NYU Club Sports We All Had Literally No Idea Existed

A school obviously known for its jocks and athleticism, NYU is also home to some lesser-known teams that don’t receive the attention they deserve. Move over golf and tennis, because now it’s all about squash and ultimate frisbee.

6.) Badminton:
Members auditioning for the badminton team are suggested to have two years of experience with the shuttlecock, a piece of cork and feathers that acts as the “ball” in badminton. We’ll let your mind come up with its own vulgar jokes.  

5.) Kendo:
Kendo is the art of Japanese fencing, and the NYU team meets up every week to practice their skills. The season culminates in competitions at Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell, which is the closest members will probably ever get to going to these Ivy Leagues.

4.) Cycling:
Have you ever been run over by one of the many bikers whizzing around NYC? If they were wearing violet spandex, they could have been members of the NYU cycling team! Join this club if you want to pull off successful hit and runs and become a terror to innocent pedestrians.

3.) Cheerleading:
NYU cheerleaders probably wish they went to a school with football teams and game days, but basketball is pretty close, right? A better way to boost school morale would be to perform in the Bobst lobby. Give me a C! Give me a D! Give me an A! What’s that spell? The reason for my shit GPA!

2.) Equestrian:
Just when you think NYU can’t get more bougie, you found out there’s an equestrian team. Riders travel to New Jersey once a week to train and compete in shows, and they have their own customized NYU tack. Does FAFSA cover show ponies?

1.) Mascots:
Why running around and miming is listed under sports teams, we’re not sure. This team of students dresses up as the NYU Bobcat and attempts to bring (nonexistent) school spirit to basketball games. They also compete at the annual Mascot Games in Daytona Beach, which are probably as cringey as they sound.

So now that you know some more obscure sports at NYU, check out when try outs are and get in line! There’s so much room for school spirited athletic talent here. No, seriously. We swear.



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