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6 Steps to Getting Yourself Cast in a Tisch Student’s Garbage Film

Instead of casting on Backstage like our professors recommend, lazy wannabe Scorseses (sorry, Tisch students) resort to Facebook for their actors after they realize their projects are due the same day. 

Step 1: Be on the lookout for posts like this one:
“Actors! I’m in need of two actors for a Sight & Sound: Filmmaking shoot. Should take a couple hours and should be super easy. October 10th 4:00pm-7:00pm. DM me if interested! Thank you!”  This roughly translates to: “People who can manage not to laugh in front of a camera! I really need two actors quickly because I forgot to cast, and it’s for a random film class.” That’s your cue!

Step 2: Show in some form that you have acted, ever:
If you acted once, that’s usually good enough for us. Drama majors are preferable, but we’re honestly just desperate. Pulling up your old YouTube channel might be embarrassing, but hey it could help.

Step 3: Seem like a happy person:
The film production process is stressful enough, so we need people who are going to be easy to work with. We want to see smiles in your pictures, not dramatic photos of you on a rooftop clearly four drinks in. Regardless of the role, seem like an amicable human being that won’t be annoying to work with.

Step 4: Feature pictures of you acting:
The second we see a photo of you on a stage or on a film set we instantly assume you’re an amazing actor. We don’t why, it just kind of happens. Show us a photo of you literally just standing on a stage and we’ll be telling people, we cast a REAL actor in our film.

Step 5: Display your major on your profile:
If you’re a drama or musical theater major–- say that! We really don’t care how well you act before the shoot; As long as we know you’re in acting school, that’s good enough.

Step 6: Don’t look TOO professional:
If you show yourself in TOO many productions or professional environments, we will be intimidated– cause we’re trash, never forget that. Just have a couple of professional photos, keep it mellow.

All in all, just remember that even though they say we’re picking actors through super formal and professional means . . . we’re not. Most likely, your Facebook’s all we need as an audition.

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