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6 Things We All Fool Ourselves into Believing About NYU

We all came to NYU with big dreams and medium-sized wallets. Now, our wallets are probably very small, and our dreams are (hopefully) still kind of big. Either way, to make NYU bearable for those who don’t necessarily bleed violet, we need to persuade ourselves that NYU is the school of our dreams, and not just where we decided to go. Here are 6 things students fool themselves into believing about NYU! 

6.) NYU’s way better than Columbia . . . and all of the other NYC schools for that matter, because we definitely know every school in this huge city:
Spoiler alert: We don’t. According to Wikipedia there’s over fifty. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5.) We have school spirit!!:
Is it possible to have school spirit without a football team? Probably not. And if it was, we don’t have it. No one even knows the mascot. Bobcat? Violets? The world will never know.

4.) Going to NYU is like being an adult because there’s no campus, and we’re in the city:
Don’t lie to yourself; you had Skittles for dinner twice this week and spent your work money on booze, not rent. Also, you have to sign in your friends with security so that they can go up to your dorm. This isn’t grown ass adult living. This is plain old college life.

3.) Our parties are classier because we don’t have frat houses:
Because what makes a party classier than fifty people crammed into a studio apartment?

2.) NYU is “In and of the city”:
This is a huge branding point for NYU, and they use it all during applications and orientation.  Sure, we don’t have a campus. There are no fences containing our hallowed halls, and our quad is home to several homeless people. But everyone knows there’s an NYU Bubble, and unless your apartment’s in Brooklyn, you will spend 90% of your time inside it.

1.) NYU is super socially aware:
Honest question: how many republicans are there at NYU? Definitely less than half, and probably less than a quarter of the whole population. It’s nice to be surrounded by thousands of people who think exactly the same way and things as you, but does the school’s uber liberalism and like-mindedness make us socially aware or just lacking diversity of thought?

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