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7 Things You Already Miss About Living in Third North

You were SO relieved to move out of Third North at the end of last semester, but now, now you miss it. You miss it and all the things it had to offer that you selfishly took for granted. Remember the french fries, and how greasy they were? And the courtyard, oh man. With school starting there’s a lot to look back on, here’s some things you’re probably already missing about Third North.

7.) Third North Courtyard Cafe:

Third North’s dining hall may not have been the best, but it certainly was convenient being able to walk downstairs in your pajamas. Plus, the french fries are the greasiest on campus, and the staff’s always super friendly (they were probably trying to compensate for the subpar food).

6.) The Courtyard:

Truly the most under-appreciated aspect of Third North, we bet you’re realizing now how lit having that courtyard was. You didn’t use it enough, and most people didn’t. It didn’t really fill up until the last couple of weeks of spring semester. Sure, you may not miss having to walk across the courtyard to your tower in the middle of winter (unless you’re in Carlyle, then you get to relive it), but the courtyard was a cool place to soak up some sun or hang with other Third Northers.

5.) Having a Kitchen:

Listen, we’re sure you have a kitchen now, but wasn’t it nice when you were the only one to have a kitchen? Even if you didn’t cook it was nice to brag about it to your Weinstein friends, your college-aged siblings, or the stranger on the street.

4.) Westside:

It’s probably the most overpriced grocery store you could find, but damn did they have everything. It was 24 hours too, easily fulfilling your 3 a.m. sushi craving. They also had the dankest cakes, but not enough people talk about that.

3.) The C-Store:

We know it was no Sidestein, but it sure was convenient. You could pop down there whenever you were craving Half Baked ice cream or when you felt the need to chug three Red Bulls (Finals SZN). Now you’ll have to actually leave the building to buy things, what a shame.

2.) F.R.I.E.N.D.S:

A good thing about being a freshman in an all freshmen dorm is that you were very likely to be living in the same building as your friends. Although East Tower certainly had the coolest people (just trust me), the three towers held a lot of students, and very often you’d just have to walk across the courtyard to see someone.

1.) Location, Location, Location:

We bet you hated walking to Kimmel from Third North in the winter, and we can guess you’ll hate walking from Gram way more. Third North was far, we’ll give you that, but it was beautifully located. You were so close to Union Square and right near places like The Smith, San Marzano, and Kotobuki. You really had it so good, and you’ll miss it.

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