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8 Ways To Piss Off Any NYU Student

Living in the big city, NYU students are constantly putting up with everyone and everything. From bouncers taking student’s fakes to slow walkers, here are the 8 ways to really piss off an NYU Student.

8.) Walking slowly, especially when entering Silver:
When you’re one minute from being late and you’ve already been late 3 times in a row and someone knocked your muffin out of your hand, it just gets out of hand. You’re standing there trying to find your ID and it won’t come out of your wallet. This shitty event is punctuated and exacerbated by the person in front of you who is taking their sweet time and will not move out of the way. In the distance, you see the elevator. The door is about to close. You could make it. But they are too slow and now, you’re late. You’re sad. You’re hungry. You’re pissed.

7.)   Talking on the phone in a reading room in Bobst:
Dude, c’mon. No one wants to hear your mom yell at you for spending all of your Dining Dollars on Starbucks. Do that outside next to the homeless guy who’s interested in any conversation really. 

6.)   Stealing their Tapingo from Kimmel:
Dear Thieves,

Please stop. If you take our Tapingo one more bloody time we will make arrangements with the mob, and they will come to your house and murder you.

Thank you,

NYU students everywhere.

5.) Laying across the corridor at Bobst: 

4.) Hog all the Wi-Fi: 
Netflix and HBO Go don’t work, and then you go on your phone and you fuck up your data plan. Then, you should actually do the work that you’ve been putting off.

3.) Nearly murdering them with your bike/taxi:
This is why New Yorkers get a bad name. It’s not our fault! We are victims of a broken system. This happens to us every day, and this is why we’re always pissed. If you’ve never flipped off a bicyclist or slammed the hood of a taxi, are you even a real New Yorker?

2.) Taking student’s fake IDs, and snapping them:
We’re looking at you Webster hall. We know your game.

1.)   Dog Walkers:
When the dog walker walks next to you, and the dogs surround you, and you become fearful and angry and confused, and your legs are tangled in the leashes and you fall, and the dogs run, and the dogs look sad, and then you are sad and you’re angry and your day is ruined.

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