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NYU Basketball Team Comes in Third in U-12 Tournament

NYU basketball fans rejoice! The NYU Violets were elated this past weekend to finally come in third at the Warwick Inter-Municipal Under 12 Tournament. The finish came on the heels of a heartbreaking 120-78 defeat at the hands of the Park Avenue Elementary Yelping Yo-Gabba Gabba’s. It was NYU’s narrowest margin of defeat of the entire season, which made it a hard loss. Despite this, our boys in violet are still happy with the way their season ended.

“It was honestly the best feeling I’ve had as a student athlete,” says starting point guard and Gallatin senior Roger Raonic. “Especially as an NYU player, we don’t experience victory often. And as anyone who plays sports ‘professionally’ will tell you, that feeling of triumph just gives you a high like no other. I would know; I played our last three games on whip-its.”

While the entire team was definitely overjoyed with the unprecedented success of this season, there was initially some discontent with the team’s relegation to a new division. They moved from playing against the high-speed world of college students to squaring off against the squeaky-voiced fearsomeness of pre-tweens.

“To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that there was a division below DXIV,” mused backup forward and Backpacking major, Novak Murray. “But after the first few games, it became clear that this would be no slouch of a season. In fact, it was nice to finally play against people of equivalent talent.”

Murray went on to note how the change of competitive scenery also improved his own well-being and work ethic.

“I used to show up late to practice after spending a few hours posing in front of the barbells at Palladium. Everyone was mad, team chemistry was off, and I was always just completely worn out. Now, I always arrive at practice extra early because the U-12 division gives out snacks! The first five team members to show up get free S’Mores-flavoured Pop Tarts. It’s been great for team morale.”

So are the Violets set to continue to grow and better themselves over the offseason? Raonic definitely thinks so.

“We’ve already been booked to play an exhibition game at Rhythm and Rhyme Care Centre next week. We’ve been trying to find a referee, but we’re hoping that their resident party clown can pull it off.”

Like booze before noon? So do these guys…


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