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NYU Battle of the Gyms: Palladium vs. 404 Lafayette

For a school without a football team, NYU is surprisingly athletic. Not the type of athletic that gets you into professional sports, or D1 for that matter, but athletic as in carrying a yoga mat, jogging miles in the morning, and finishing it with a salad, fruit bowl, or over-priced green smoothie . The work out culture here is composed of Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas, with that one occasional lone Under Armor representative. While many are all united and influenced by the healthy culture surrounding them, the big questions remains.

So where do NYU students work out?

With all of New York at one’s fingertips, it’s strange to see it all come down to Palladium or 404, right? Let’s explore the differences between the two.

Palladium is definitely home for most people because it is bigger with more options, even though most people who go in there will only use the bikes, treadmills, or weights. Palladium is for the dreamers, the people who see themselves doing big things in the future like maybe, just maybe, using the rock wall before they graduate. It’s for the people who may or may not know how to use that weird thigh machine, but are too motivated to ask for questions.

On the other hand, 404 is a more intimate setting. The rooms are brighter and the mirrors just seem a little friendlier. The people who go to 404 are consistent. They stay true to their workout and take pleasure in getting some views of Lafayette while they do so. These are the people who go with a full workout plan and don’t need the endless options that Palladium has to offer.

Palladium and 404 cater to two different crowds with strong values so the debates over which one is better mirrors the pineapple on pizza controversy: intense.

 “People give me crap for liking 404 more that Palladium but honestly, when I’m on that treadmill looking out the window I feel like I could fly away, when will your Palladium ever?” sophomore Alyssa Weng says. She also recommends trying out a vegan diet for a week if you really want to vibe with the people in 404.

Meanwhile, freshman Joseph Wright had some other opinions. Being an avid competitor in Palladium’s daily weight room competition, Wright says, “The real athletes work out at Palladium, do you seem my breath control? Do you see this form!? THAT’S A PALLADIUM FORM!”

Joseph then proceeded to drink his whey protein shake and said he’s all for anything Palladium. Who needs a nice view when there’s so much competition to thrive on. He’s also the type of person to laugh when he sees someone using equipment wrong.

People can pick sides, 404 or Palladium but Washington Square is where it’s really at. Running laps around the park or doing some other exercises in the grass while being surrounded by homeless people, street performers, and “nature” is the better option. Also, if it’s hot enough you can take a bath in the fountain after with all the other children who like to pee in the pool. Yea, we know you’ve done it before.


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