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‘I Don’t Care if Lipton Has An ‘A’ Rating, I’m Still Not Eating There,’ Says Freshman Snorting Ambiguous Powder From China Chalet Toilet

After the New York City Health Department restored Lipton Dining Hall’s “A” health rating, an NYU freshman reasserted her concerns about sanitation from the China Chalet bathroom, stating, “Ew, are you kidding me? I’m still not eating there,” before cutting a line on the toilet seat.

“I don’t care if they kicked out the entire cast of Ratatouille from the kitchen, we still don’t know where that food has been,” said Anna Lang, the Lipton resident who was unable to recall the type of substance she was insufflating or exactly from who she purchased it.

Before railing another line from the nightclub’s latrine, the white girl declared, “It’s just not sanitary and the Lipton Hall staff should be ashamed of themselves.”

Sweeping up the residual powder to rub against her gums, Lang, the health conscious, self-proclaimed celiac vegan, went on to add that, “Sometimes they don’t even have the gluten/soy-free, vegan food that I like.”

Eye-witness reports say the student was seen stumbling into another bathroom with two Gallatin juniors, and was not seen washing her hands or face prior to exiting the restroom.

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