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The NYU Drunk Food Bracket 2017: Round 1


Here at NYU, while our apartments might be tiny, we choose for our nights out correspond with our workload: big and insane. The same goes for our drunk food. We want it, we want a lot of it, and we’ll probably regret how much money we spent on it in the morning. But, without any further ado, here is the 2017 NYU Drunk Food Bracket.


Over the next few weeks The Black Sheep will be releasing this poll to get your votes on which NYU drunk food spot is the best. In the end, there will be one winner, and even a prize for the crowned satisfier of the drunks. Voting ends Friday at 5 p.m. EST so get ‘em in now.



The Pizza Division:


1.) Joe’s:
Right before you stumble back into Palladium, it hits you. “Duuuuuude we gotta get Joe’s”. You race past the congregation of girls in tight black skirts puking and guys with tiny chains pushing each other to get to the coveted Joe’s counter. One slice will not suffice ladies and gents.


4.) Artichoke:
It’s the “something different” of the pizza category here at NYU. In a school full of artists and forward thinkers, Artichoke is the guy from Virginia who works out his pecks everyday and loves lacrosse: You don’t always spend time with him, but when you do it’s bound to be interesting.



The Halal Division:


2.) Mamoun’s Falafel:
You stumble out of Grass Roots on St. Marks, make a right, and boom: welcome to heaven, where happiness can be found in a three dollar and fifty cent falafel sandwich.


3.) Halal Guys:
Located most conveniently for all those living in Coral or off campus in Alphabet City, this NYC staple is sure to have a line out the door at any time of day…but especially at 2 a.m.


Diner Division:


1.) Veselka (9th and 2nd):
If you haven’t been hammered and eating breakfast food at this fine Ukraine diner…do you even go to Tisch?


4.) Waverly Diner (9th and 6th):
A good spot on 6th Ave to hit up if you’re looking for some grub after a dorm wine night freshman year.



The Locals:


2.) Halal Cart Outside Palladium:
They’re everywhere, but there’s something a little extra special about this one. Stumbling back to Palladium, you’re hungry; you got your sights set on Joe’s, but like we said, you’re hungry…like really hungry…and then you remember: there’s an amazing Halal Cart right outside from Joe’s, and you can get an entire box of chicken over rice for $5. Now just watch out for puking people in black skirts and buff guys with slick hair tryna fight.


3.) Dollar Pizza:
You just went to Queen Vic because the beers are three dollars and you know you can get a couple free shots if you flirt with the bartender. Now you’re walking across the park back to your dorm at Lipton, and it hits you: “I’m starving”. You dig deep into your change filled pockets and manage to come back up with one loose dollar and a handful of change. You can’t out the change, and, using every penny you’ve got, you scrape together another dollar.  You grab two slices at the place right next to IFC on 6th Ave and laugh in your head at the people who spent $5 at Artichoke.




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