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7 Things Freshmen Actually Think Happen at Durden

Everybody knows about Durden’s (fun fact: It’s actually just called Durden). It’s one of the classic NYU bars you waste your freshman year lurking around. It will probably be one of the first places you buy a drink if you didn’t try the ATMI Liquor Store first, and it may be the first bar you ever go to! But, despite popular belief, this Fight Club themed bar isn’t really that special.

7.) Everybody gets in: 
Unfortunately, though it may be a classic NYU bar, Durden’s is still a bar. Though they may not cut your fake in half in front of your tear-streaked face, they will give you a brief “C’mon, you know you’re not all 21,” forcing you to walk away awkwardly and brown bag it in WSP like the homeless guy on the bench next to you.

6.) Literally every NYU student goes there:
There are plenty of rich ass NYU kids who would much rather go to Hotel Empire or 1 Oak than spend time with the rest of us plebeians. There are also just way cooler bars around and once you figure out how to be confident with your fake, Durden’s is old news.

5.) Everybody goes here because it’s cheap:
Wrong! If you Google Durden’s it has two dollar signs ($$), which is one dollar sign more than broke college kids want to spend. An average cocktail is $11, which is honestly cheap for NYC, but still! Just show up drunk and you won’t have to waste your money!

4.) Coming here definitively means you’ll be going home with someone:
If you’re a girl looking for a guy, go somewhere else. A guy looking for a guy? Go somewhere else. Literally anybody looking for a guy? Go somewhere else. The men at Durden’s looking for hook-ups are more like animals looking for prey. Don’t be annoying, just go and have fun.

3.) It’s always a fun night:
Wrong again! Durden’s is crowded AF and is honestly kind of small. Some people dance, but it’s hard to really boogie when people keep elbowing you in the face.

2.) All of NYU comes together to party on:
Super wrong. NYU’s Greek life are really the majority of kids who show up here. And like, how many people are really in Greek life? Plus, if you’re old enough to drink, why would you come to this shitty bar?

1.) Real Fight Club:
It’s just Fight Club themed!! And honestly, hardly anybody knows that because the theme is kind of irrelevant. Calm down.

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